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Since 1971 the members of the NMSOBC have been putting their literary spin on the life and times of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great creation Mr. Sherlock Holmes. As a scholarly endeavor a theme is picked each year and members are encouraged to submit their “works” to feathers in addition to presenting them to the NMSOBC group as a whole.

Below are the selections listed in the most recent edition of The Feathers.


1.    Dr Joseph Bell


2.    Toast to the Alpha Inn


3.    The Case of the Stingy Squire


4.    Thinking Ahead to 2015


5.    The Adventure of Art in the Blood


Now to give you an idea of the material written for Feathers here is an excerpt from,


The Case of the Stingy Squire, author unknown.


“ The games afoot in Winslow, Watson” said Holmes, as we sat in a corner window at Simpson’s on a brisk October evening. “ Can you accompany me up there to look over this strange business of the attempted murder of young Squire Malvern?”


“ I believe there is a train leaving in a half an hour, Holmes. I am delighted as always to be included in one of your investigations,” I said as I gathered up our belongings. (I had taken the precaution of bringing some small traveling necessities with me when Holmes’ message, asking me to dine with him, had arrived earlier in the day. As was sometimes the case, he forgot practical matters of comfort when hot on the trail of some new crime.) ……..




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