The Sherlock Holmes Canon


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The complete Sherlock Holmes, penned by Arthur Conan Doyle consists of 4 novels* and 56 short stories published between 1887 and 1927.


The list below is arranged by the date the story was published
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Stories of the Great Detective, Mr Sherlock Holmes as set forth by Dr. John Watson.


*Study in Scarlet- (published Christmas, 1887-story set in March, 1881)

*Sign of the Four- (published February, 1890-story set in September, 1888)

Scandal in Bohemia- (published July, 1891-story set in May, 1887)

Red-Headed League- (published August, 1891-story set in October 1887)

Case of Identity- (published September, 1891-story set in October 1887)

Boscombe Valley- (published October, 1891-story set in June, 1889)

Five Orange Pips- (published November, 1891-story set in September 1887) 

Twisted Lip- (published December, 1891-story set in June 1887)

BLUE CARBUNCLE- (published January, 1892-story set in December, 1887)

Speckled Band- (published February, 1892-story set in April 1883)

Engineer’s Thumb- (published March, 1892-story set in Septenber, 1889)

Noble Bachelor- (published April, 1892-story set in October 1886)

Beryl Coronet- (published May, 1892-story set in December, 1890)

Copper Beeches- (published June, 1892-story set in April, 1889)

Silver Blaze- (published December, 1892-story set in September, 1890)

Cardboard Box- (published January, 1893-story set in August-September 1889)

Yellow Face- (published February, 1893-set in April, 1888)

Stockbroker’s Clerk- (published March, 1893-story set in June, 1889)

The Gloria Scott- (published April, 1893-story set in July-September, 1874)

Musgrave Ritual- (published May, 1893-story set in October, 1879)

ReigatePuzzle- (published June, 1893-story set in April, 1887)

Crooked Man- (published July,1893-story set in September 1889)

Resident Patient- (published August 1893-story set in October, 1886) 

Greek Interpreter- (published September, 1893-story set in September, 1888)

Naval Treaty- (published October, 1893-story set in July-August, 1889)

Final Problem- (published December, 1893-story set in April-May, 1891)

*Hound of the Baskervilles- (published August, 1901-April, 1902-story set in September-October, 1888)                                     

Empty House- (published September, 1903-story set in April, 1894)

Norwood Builder- (published October, 1902-story set in August. 1895)

Solitary Cyclist- (published December, 1903-story set in April, 1895)

Dancing Men- (published December, 1903-story set in July-August, 1898)

Priory School- (published January, 1904-story set in May, 1901)

Black Peter- (published February, 1904-story set in July, 1895)

Chas. Augustus Milverton- ( published March, 1904-story set in January, 1899)

Six Napoleons- (published April, 1904-story set in June, 1900)

Three Students- (published June 1904-story set in April, 1895)

Golden Pince-Nez- (published July, 1904-story set in November, 1894)

Missing Three-Quarter- (published August 1904-story set in December, 1896)

Abby Grange- (published September, 1904-story set in January, 1887)

Second Stain- (published December, 1904-story set in October, 1886)

Wisteria Lodge- (published August, 1908-story set in March, 1890)

Bruce-Partington Plans- (published December, 1908-story set in November, 1895)

Devil’s Foot- (published December, 1910-story set in March, 1897)

Red Circle- (published March, 1911-story set in September, 1902)

Lady Frances Carfax- (published December, 1911-story set in July, 1902)

Dying Detective- (published November, 1913-story set in November, 1887)

*Valley of Fear- ( published September, 1914-May 1915-story set in January, 1888)

His Last Bow- (published September, 1917-story set in August 1914)

Mazarin Stone- (published October, 1921-story set in Summer, 1903)

Thor Bridge- (published February, 1922-story set in October, 1900)

Creeping Man- (published March, 1923-story set in September, 1903)

Sussex Vampire- (published January, 1924-story set in November, 1896)

Three Garridebs- (published October, 1924-story set in June, 1902)

Illustrious Client- (published November, 1924-story set in September, 1902)

Three Gables- (published September, 1926-story set in May, 1903)

Blanched Soldier- (published October, 1926-story set in January, 1903)

Lion’s Mane- (published November, 1926-story set in July-August, 1909)

Retired Colourman- (published December, 1926-story set in July, 1898)

Veiled Lodger- (published January, 1927-story set in October, 1896)

Shoscombe Old Place- (published March, 1927-story set in May, 1902)



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