NMSOBC History

NMSOBC History

The NMSOBC is the Original Sherlock Holmes Society of Portland Oregon and is a recognized scion of The Baker Street Irregulars of New York City.

Founded on January 6th, 1971 and led by James T. Covert, the eleven charter members first met on the campus of the University of Portland.


The name is taken from

“ The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”

Published by Arthur Conan Doyle in January 1892.

The Society is dedicated to the scholarly pursuit and appreciation of the singular exploits, 

of the Wisest and Noblest of men, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. 

This Year (2016), we celebrate the 162nd anniversary of, Sherlock Holmes and the 45th anniversary of the of The Most Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle.


The NMSOBC has regular meetings in March, April,October and November during the year that include presentations on the theme for 2016: Stories from the Cannon Featured stories are; "The Solitary Cyclist," " The Adventure of The Missing Three-Quarter," " The Adventure of the Three Students," " The Five Orange Pips," and " The Adventure of the Six Napoleons."

New members of the Blue Carbuncle Society are invited to choose a name for themselves from characters or objects in the stories or novels. This year we will explore these characters or objects in more depth, be it their past or their future.

In addition The Society also hosts guest speakers, and scholarly activities.  Our meetings are held in the afternoon on the second Saturday of the month. In addition to these meetings we also have special events that include:



Library Night and Chili Potluck: 

 Where we bring books and Victorian items to exchange or sell to each other.


Reichenbach Day:

 We dress in Victorian mourning attire and visit the falls in memory of the fateful fight to the death between Moriarty and Holmes. It is usually held at Multnomah Falls or Silver Falls. We gather afterwards at a local “ pub” for lunch.


Watson’s Birthday:

As summer heats up we in the society celebrate Dr. Watson's birthday with a picnic and games held in his honor. Included in the festivities is an auction with proceeds going to the society.


Annual Retreat:

 We have events throughout the retreat including an Evening of Elegance dinner, side trips to local spots of interest and many other fun activities. 


Goose Dinner:

This potluck held in December, features a roasted goose among other delicious dishes in the spirit of the holiday season.


Masters Dinner:

In January we hold the Masters Birthday Dinner. This is an elegant birthday party for  the greatest of detectives,Sherlock Holmes. At this event; we install new members, and initiate our officers for the coming year.

This is a member’s only event.





For more informationon on becoming a member or attending one of our events, please contact us at: BlueCarbuncle1971@gmail.com.





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