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Special Events

NMSOBC Special Events

This Year (2016), we celebrate the 162th anniversary of, Sherlock Holmes and the 45rd anniversary of the of The Most Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle.

During the year the NMSOBC holds various special events which you will find listed below.

 All events are open to the public except the Master's Dinner in January which is a Members only event. if you would care to join us for one of these outings please contact us at:  BlueCarbuncle1971@gmail.com 

Master's Dinner: This year held on January 6, 2018

In January we hold the Master's Birthday Dinner. This is an elegant birthday dinner party for Sherlock Holmes. At this event; we install new members, and initiate our officers for the coming year.

Library Day: This year held on February 10, 2018

 Where we bring books and Victorian items to exchange or sell to each other.


Reichenbach Falls: This year held on May 6, 2017

 We dress in Victorian mourning attire and visit the falls in memory of the fateful fight to the death between Moriarty and Holmes. It is usually held at Multnomah Falls or Silver Falls. We gather afterwards at a local “ pub” for lunch.

Begins on Saturday, TBA at 11:15 AM in the parking lot at Multnomah Falls (East on I-84, LEFT Exit 31). As you enter the Eastbound parking lot, proceed to the east end of the lot, beyond the small information kiosk, and use the “turnaround” to go into the Westbound parking lot. Travel time is 35 minutes from the beginning point of I-84 at the Willamette River.

Plan ahead so that you arrive punctually at 11:15 AM. Allow extra time to get a parking place should an unusually warm day occur, probably any day that is over 70 F. It may be necessary to allow an extra hour for this purpose. Be certain to lock your car, and leave as little as possible showing inside the vehicle. Should the freeway exit be closed off, (due to the new “Parking Control” gates, proceed to the next exit Eastbound on I-84, and use the Historic Columbia River Highway to double back toward Multnomah Falls. 

There is another parking lot directly across from the Lodge as well as several “turnouts” where you will have a chance to get a parking place. Please wear “Mourning Attire”, Victorian, if possible. In any case whatever is worn should be black in color, and should include a hat (with a veil for ladies), and (for men) a strip of black material tied around the base of the crown, trailing the “tails” of it over the back of the hat.
Lunch: Following the ceremonies at the falls, lunch will be held in the Multnomah Falls Lodge at 12:45.
Items to Bring: Mourning attire. NOTE: DO NOT BRING ANY FLOWERS

The Public is invited!


Watson’s Birthday, picnic, potluck: This year held on July 8 2017.

A picnic and games in the summer. Included in the festivities is an auction with proceeds going to the society.


The Annual Great Hiatus  This Year held September 9 2017 at Silver Falls Convention and Retreat Center. 

Goose Dinner: This year held on December 3, 2017.

This is potluck held in December, featuring a Roasted goose among other delicious dishes in the spirit of the holiday season.

Master's Dinner: Next year held on January 6, 2018.




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