The Noble And Most

Singular Order

 Of The Blue Carbuncle





The NMSOBC is a Sherlock Holmes Society located in Portland Oregon. An active group, it meets throughout the year on a roughly monthly basis.It features regular meetings, special events, competitions, social gatherings, scholarly presentations, field trips, an annual retreat, and ceremonies that “keep green the Masters’ memory” throughout the year.



New Members are always Welcome. 

NMSOBC's Newsletter The Feathers  is now avaiable for viewing.
Go to the Feathers Page and click on the link.



The International Exhibition of



Sherlock Holmes




The exhibit has moved on to Dallas, Texas

 but you may still access information in the link below. 





Come Solve The Mystery!
Meet Sherlock Holmes. He is scientifically trained, a
master of deduction, an employer of imagination and
encyclopedic knowledge. Experience an interactive
exhibition like no other as you join Sherlock Holmes
in solving a captivating mystery.

Click Sherlock Holmes for information.






Please See our Picture Gallery for  a video of an entertaining evening with noted writer, poet, and playwright, Oscar Wilde.

The interview capped a gala dinner in honor of Sherlock Holmes Birthday, celebrated by members of the NMSOBC.

If you are interested in finding out more about our society or becoming a member please contact us at: BlueCarbuncle1971@gmail.com






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