Cowhide Rugs Sale

cowhide rugs sale
    cowhide rugs
  • (Cowhide Rug) These are rugs made from high quality cowhides or chromium tanned cowhides. They are available in a variety of patterns and colors.
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cowhide rugs sale - Full Cowhide
Full Cowhide Natural Hair-On Leather 26 Sqft
Full Cowhide Natural Hair-On Leather 26 Sqft

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This rug is a unique attractive and high quality 100% full cowhide Leather rug made of hand-sorted cowhide. The rug is backed with a layer of durable faux leather for extra life. This rug is all hand decorated and put togatherand to ensure strength and appealing look. It is decorated with amazing 2-D and 3-D designs to give it a distinguished eye catching look. It can be used on the walls as wall hangings or on the floor as rugs.

It is to be noted that the rug has real Cowhide hairs on it and so extra care has to be taken if spread on the floor having high traffic. Meticulous care also needs to be taken in cleaning. Soft dry and light brushing is the perfect way of cleaning it. With proper care this is a perfect home decor piece that will not diminish in its rich look even after years of use.

80% (10)
bedroom #2
bedroom #2
everything in this photo (except the candle which was a gift) was thrifted! this room will eventually be the guest bedroom, it is currently mine and my husband's (+ two beagles) bedroom. painting: goodwill blue itialian glass vase collection: garage sale, the cellar door, gift dresser: artifacts cowhide rug: artifacts the dresser/chest is part of the brasilia collection from broyhill premier.
Hand Woven Cowhide Print Rug
Hand Woven Cowhide Print Rug
Beautiful hand woven rug with brilliant colors and available in many sizes including hall runner and door mat. Very affordable option to buying real cowhide rugs.

cowhide rugs sale
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