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Pastured Pork

The flavor of pastured pork is amazing!  The full flavor of our pork comes from how the animals are raised at Bluebird Farm.

Natural Pastures

We feed all of our meat animals, including our pastured pigs, certified organic grains. Our pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics.  Outside on pasture they can express their natural behaviors; rooting and enjoying fresh grain, roots, grass, and hay.  

The pig's pastures are located in different areas of the farm, based on the season.  In the spring, summer, and fall the pigs are busy rooting  up wooded pastures that need clearing or tilling up open fields planted with crops especially for pigs.  They are rooting out roots, grubbing up grubs, and generally enjoying being pigs.   After they have tilled up the ground, we spread cover crop seed.  They then plant the seed by trampling it into the soil and we move them on to the next paddock.  In the winter time, our pigs shelter from the cold rain and snow in sunny, open ended hoop barns and turn deep hay bedding into valuable compost. Our deep bedded hoop barns are humane shelters with plenty of space for the pigs to range and roam with deep wood mulch and hay bedding for the pigs to root through.

Certified Organic Grains
Our pastured pigs are fed certified organic grains.  Organic grains are never Genetically Modified or grown with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides.  Organic grains are grown in planned crop rotations that build up the quality and fertility of the farm soil while producing wholesome grains for people and animals. 

Purchase Our Amazing Pastured Pork

  • Come by the local Farmers' Markets to purchase our delicious pastured pork.
  • Order our pork through our Online Store and pick your order up at one of the Farmers' Markets that we attend.

Check our Farmers' Market page for our seasonal locations!   

  •  Pasture Meat Packs Buy in bulk and Save: Stock up, and "shop" from your freezer. You'll have a variety of great cuts of pork when you purchase a Small Pork Pack (20 lbs of meat), Large Pork Pack (40 lbs of meat), or a half hog (60-80 lbs. of meat/ 90-114 lbs hanging weight)  Available by order- usually in the fall and winter.
  • In the winter, our pastured pork is available by advance order through our Online Store and is delivered to a common drop point in Morganton,  Hickory, and Charlotte once a month from December-March.

Pastured Pork 

Fed Certified Organic Grains

Tenderloin 16.00/lb only 2 tenderloins per hog
***limited availability***

Pork Chops


Bone-in, 2/pack

Fresh Bacon


Uncured-fresh frozen, 1 lb/pack

Country sausage


Ground, 1 lb/pack

Ground pork (unseasoned)

7.80/lb Ground, 1 lb/pack

Italian sausage


links or ground, 1 lb pack

Bratwurst links


Links, 1 lb/pack

Spare Ribs


Shoulder Roasts


2-4 lb roasts

Fresh Ham Roasts


2-4 lb roasts



Fat back, leaf lard


(uncured 1-2 lbs)


Need an idea? Check out some recipes and cooking tips on our Recipes page! 







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