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Pasture Meat Packs. Buy in Bulk and Stock Up.


♦All beef, pork, and meat chickens fed certified organic grains.

♦All our livestock are raised with forages, fresh air, and sunshine.

♦No added hormones.

♦Meats are individually labeled, vacuum-sealed and frozen, keeps well for 1 year from pack date.

Meat Packs can be picked up at Farmers Market or at the farm. 

Order through our Online Farm Store. 


We typically run out of chickens over the winter until our mid-May chickens.

Our Freedom Ranger chickens are fed certified organic grains and are raised on high quality pastures with forages, insects, fresh air, and sunshine.  Flavorful, tender chicken! Vacuum-sealed, frozen.

 Order 5 or more whole chickens, and save $0.25 per pound.


Year round availability.

 Our hogs are raised outdoors and root through brush, pastures, and deep hay bedding.  Fed certified organic grains.  Vacuum-sealed, frozen.

1/2 hog All the best cuts! 24 thick pork chops, 4 roasts, 1 tenderloin, and a great supply of your choice of sausages.   ½ Hog weighs approximately 85 lbs hanging weight. You’ll get about 65 lbs of cut, vacuum-sealed, labeled, and frozen meat.  $5.85/lb hanging weight. (10% discount from retail price) Approx $500. $100 deposit is required when order is placed. 

Large Family Pack: This assortment of delicious pasture pork is a 10% discount from retail and costs approx $260. Weighs approx 30 lbs. $100 deposit is required when order is placed. 

Includes:12 Pork Chops (2/pack) • 4 Pack of Ribs • 2 Roasts (3 lb each) • 8 Country Sausage (1 lb/pack) •4 Sweet Italian (1 lb/pack) •4 Bratwurst (1 lb/pack)

Small Family Pack: This assortment delicious  pork will fit in your refrigerator’s freezer and is a 5% discount from retail and costs approx $130. Weighs approx 16 lbs.  Includes:

 Includes: 6 Pork Chops (2/pack) • 2 Pack of Spare Ribs • 1 Roast (3lb) • 4 Country Sausage (1 lb/pack) •2 Sweet Italian (1 lb/pack) • 2 Bratwurst (1 lb/pack)

 Sausage Sampler: 3 lbs each of Country Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, and Bratwurst Sausage, approx $70, 5% off retail price



Availability:  Limited and seasonal. September-December. We have a small flock! 

 Our mild flavored lamb is raised on grass pastures. No grain for fattening.  Fat from grass pastures only.  Vacuum-sealed, frozen.

Lamb Pack:  approx. 1/3 large lamb. You'll get a great variety of amazing cuts of lamb for roasting, stewing, broiling, and grilling.  Approx $200. sold by weight. Includes: •1 leg of lamb roast (average 2.75 lbs) •4-6 thick lamb rib chops (2 chops/pack, 0.85 lb/pack) •4-6 thick lamb loin chops (2 chops/pack, 0.55 lb/pack) •4 packs ground lamb, 1 lb/pack •1-2 packs lamb stew/kabob meat, l lb/pack $100 deposit is required when order is placed. 


Our steers are always grazed on high quality grass pastures and finished on high quality grass pastures with non GMO brewer's barley mash for lightly marbled, healthy, lean beef.  All beef hangs and ages for 14 days before being cut, vacuum-sealed, labeled, and frozen. All prices include all butcher costs.


Beef Sampler Package : weighs approx 20 lbs. $100 deposit is required when order is placed. 

A typical package includes:

Thick Steaks:      Roasts:                    Other Cuts:

2 NY Strip                    1 sirloin tip or                            12 Ground (1lb/pack)

2 Sirloin Steak                1 chuck roast                          2 stew beef                                


Ground Beef Pack:  10 pounds ground beef in 1 pound packs. Each pound of ground beef is individually packaged, labeled, and frozen. Our ground beef is lean and flavorful.

 Mix and Match Package: Select 25 lbs. of your choice of roasts, ground beef, short ribs, and stew meat. Steaks not included.  Shop and select from available items on our online farm store selection, and we will discount your total upon pickup. Example: 12 lbs ground beef, 8 lbs of stew meat, and 2 chuck roasts.)

♦  ½ BeefApprox 285 lbs hanging weight, yields about 180 lbs of dry aged, cut, vacuum-sealed, labeled meat.   Enjoy a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef when you make a custom order.  After you place your order, we'll help you decide your custom cuts.  Pickup at farm or arrange $30 home delivery in Hickory and Morganton. Arrange Saturday pickup at Charlotte Regional Market.  $200 deposit is required when order is placed.


Beef Quarter: A quarter weighs approx 85 lbs. $100 deposit is required when order is placed. 

A typical quarter includes:

Thick Steaks:      Roasts:                       Other Cuts:

6 N.Y. Strip             1 bone-in chuck                               45 ground beef (1lb/pack)

6 Ribeye                  2 Sirloin tip                                       9 stew beef

4 Filet                                                                              2 Short Ribs (2 lb/pack)

2 sirloin steak

1 Flap steak (similar to skirt steak for fajitas)

1 Flank steak and 1 Skirt steak                                                                                                

 Beef Value Package:  approx 45 lbs. $100 deposit is required when order is placed. 

A typical package includes:

Thick Steaks:      Roasts:                      Other Cuts:

2 N.Y. Strip                 1 bone-in chuck                           25 Ground (1lb/pack)

2 Ribeye                                                                           5 stew beef

2 Filet                                                                                 1 Short Ribs (2 lb/pack) 

1 Sirloin Steak                                                                                     

 Order your Meat Packs.