Morganton Market Share

Pickup at Saturday Morganton Farmers' Market Only

Limited number available!

When you purchase a Morganton Market Share at the beginning of the year,  you'll get credit to shop from our seasonal market selection throughout the entire Saturday Morganton Market season.   We'll have our seasonal vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, and eggs to choose from. The Morganton Farmers' Market will run every Saturday 8-noon from late April until the end of October. That's 28 Saturdays to choose from our farm food at market. On vacation? Don't worry, you do not have to come to market every week.

Pint Size Market Share- $250 membership   receive $250 in credit towards our farm food at the Saturday Morganton Market. Average of $8.93 per week over 28 weeks at market             

Basket Size Market Share- $500 membership, receive $500 in credit towards our farm food at the Saturday Morganton Market. ~average of $19 per week over 28 weeks at market    

Using your membership credit: Your Market Share credit applies toward our farm food at the Morganton Farmers' Market every Saturday during the market season. We'll keep your tab and totals for you.  If you are out of town, don't worry! Just come to market when you can.

The selection at market is still the same: first come, first serve.  We recommend coming to market before 10:30am for the best selection of farm food- especially our vegetables and eggs.  We can't hold any vegetables or egg orders for you. 

You can also sign up for Egg Shares, Pork Shares, or Chicken Shares, but please note these Shares have specific pickup dates during the year.

Sign up for Morganton Market Share here

FAQ for Morganton Market Shares

What can I use my Market Share credit on? Use your Market Share credit on any of the Bluebird Farm foods: vegetables, pork, chicken, eggs, beef, and lamb.  

Can I also get other types of Shares? Yes! You can choose from Egg Shares, Pork Shares, and Chicken Shares.

What if I run out of credit? If you run out of credit, and you want to add more, you can add $50 increments. 

What if I don't spend all of my Market Share Credit? You must spend all of your credit before December 20th.  If you have any remaining balance after the market season ends at the end of October, you may use your remaining balance on any of our farm products for our farm pickups or special orders until December 20th of this year. 

Can I share my Market Share with another family? Only one family/household per membership please.  This is to help us with record keeping and logistics.