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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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2016 Bluebird Farm Community Supported Agriculture

Sharing the harvest.

Vegetables, pork, eggs, and chicken.

Fall Membership Info and Fall Sign Up

Community Supported Agriculture reconnects people with the farms that produce their food.  As a Bluebird Farm CSA member, you are a steward of local farmland and you invest in flavorful local food and community vitality. Become a member of a lively diversified farm in your local foodshed.

Customers join the farm and become members by buying a share of the year’s harvest of in advance.  We offer vegetable, egg, chicken, and pork shares. Then, throughout the season, CSA members receive a bounty of delicious farm food.  Enjoy the bounty of our farm’s crops with your family.     

Vegetable box share members receive a "Farmer's Pick" assortment of seasonal, fresh vegetables and herbs weekly for 20 weeks from mid–May to the end of September.   Our vegetable box share members receive weekly newsletters about the farm with special seasonal recipes.   Our chicken, egg, and pork shares complete the delicious variety of our farm's bounty throughout the growing season.  

Our Fall CSA Vegetable Box season runs for 7 weeks from late September to mid November. Our Fall Pork and Chicken shares are from October-December.

2016 Fall CSA

Time to sign up for our 
2016 Fall Community Supported Agriculture Season.
-Don't miss weekly vegetable boxes into mid November.
-Enjoy fine pastured chickens for roasting this winter.
-Savor our flavorful pastured pork throughout the fall and early winter.

Do you want to eat local farm vegetables, pork, eggs, and chicken ?

Become a member of Bluebird Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)!

What is a vegetable box share?
A share is a weekly 
box of fresh, seasonal produce and herbs from Bluebird Farm. 
 Full season, 20 weeks: mid May- the end of September
 Fall season, 7 weeks: end of September-mid November. (Additional membership season.)
Every week the vegetable selection changes based on the vegetable season and weather conditions.  We offer large and small summer vegetable box shares. A large share will feed two adults and two children with 20 weeks worth of wonderful seasonal, fresh vegetables . A small share includes vegetables and herbs for two adults. All of our vegetables are grown without synthetic chemicals and grown using organic methods (though not USDA certified). You can taste the difference in our vegetables.  
What types of shares do you offer? We have vegetable, egg, chicken, and pork shares available.
Can I just purchase chicken, pork, egg shares?
Yes, you can join our CSA without purchasing a vegetable box share.  We offer chicken, pork, and egg shares.  You may get an egg share if you choose at least one other share type (like chicken or pork.) You will not receive weekly farm newsletters with vegetable recipes if you do not purchase a vegetable box share.

Is a CSA vegetable box share right for me?
  • A CSA vegetable box share is not right for all farmers or consumers.  It requires a desire for a participatory food system on both sides of the food relationship.  Every week the vegetable selection changes based on the vegetable season and growing conditions.
Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing a vegetables box share are:
  • Do I like to cook fresh whole foods regularly?
  • Do I want to create meals out of the seasonal vegetables in my box each week?
  • Do I like and appreciate most types of vegetables? (lettuce, kale, tomatoes, broccoli)
  • Do I want to know my farmer and my farm?

Fall Membership Information 
Membership Information (May-late September)

2017 Morganton Market Share

Available for 2017 Season
     When you purchase a Morganton Market Share at the beginning of the year, you'll get credit to shop from our seasonal market selection throughout the entire Saturday Morganton Market season.   
     We'll have our seasonal vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, and eggs to choose from.  The Morganton Farmers' Market will run from mid April until the end of October.  That's 28 Saturdays to choose from our farm food at market.  On vacation?  Don't worry, you do not have to come to market every week.  Learn more!

CSA boxes and vegetables2012

An assortment of CSA boxes


Can't be a CSA member this year?  Come see us at several local Farmers Markets every spring, summer, and fall to find fresh, local, healthy food raised using organic methods.



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