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Today was early release day at my school (Cooper City High) and I began to come home at around 12:55 PM with a few of my friends.

[Note: The kids who wake with me to my house are brown-skinned, from Asia]

As we were walking, a kid riding a bike comes and asks us for a cellular. Since none of us knew him we denied his request for a cell. We (at least I) him going about 10 feet back and talk with two of his friends. As were begun to walk on 90th Avenue, a sudden force lunged at us from the back (at Ifaz, my friend and I). My neck made a cracking sound and I hit the ground with Ifaz.

Ifaz (now on his feet) and me (still on the ground) looked around and saw a white kid (about 17 years old), looking cockily at us.

He said, “I will see you again, later,” (he pronounced his ‘later’ – let-ar) with an Indian f.o.b. accent.  Ifaz and I asked him, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The kid immediately punched Ifaz, and I saw him go down, unconscious. Confused as hell, we backed an inch as the kid came with his fist swinging. He began to literally punch the hell out of Hasan and Hasan’s nose began to pour blood.

Confused I asked for Nafis’ cell. I attempted to call 9-1-1 but Nafis’ cell became a retarded piece-of-shit that was too weird to use.

Luck helped me out. I saw a state-trooper and hailed him, who began to chase the retarded (not really retarded, but just stupid) kid. The kid went hid by on the canals in Cooper’s Pointe and the cop couldn’t do anything (jurisdiction laws). We waiting for the Cooper cops to come and we gave our statements as victims and my friends’ as witnesses.

*Quite interesting is the fact that one of friend’s (of the retard) asked us if we had a cell. He probably did that to see how insecure and vulnerable we were to the attack).

*We were incredibly lucky to have a cop on the street, at the time of the incident.

*The kid happens to be a drop-out, 18 years old, and probably a red-neck.

My Take: The cops think that this is an act of racial hatred. The police should have done much more to capture him. Today he remains loose in the community, and some innocent person may fall victim to this beast of society. Our society today is reined by carelessness and the cops (Cooper City) beautifully exemplified that. I am not as. One would be enraged to see this psychopath not brought to justice if you saw the blood king a man-hunt, but I hoped for a more-thorough search of the area, where the suspect hid pouring down Hasan’s face, the unconscious state of Ifaz at that time, understood the pain of my neck, and understood the lack of security the most developed nation in the world.

I will find it amusing (in the midst of all this seriousness) if this incident re-occurs in/near the campus of Cooper City High [didn’t CCHS hire a new security dude and set up a high-authoritative regime]. C’mon folks, be practical when needed.




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