BlueAct App Download

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BlueAct is an Action based framework for different hardware boards/kits such as Arduino ,PIC, Raspberry Pi etc ... ,and will let you to create an action using your smartphone capabilities and integrate that with your hardware via Bluetooth ( and soon through Serial cable -OTG Cable- ) .These actions include :
-Playing sound : browser your phone sound files and play when ever you receive signal from your hardware kit.for more info click here
-Vibrate : vibrate your phone.for more info click here.
-SMS : send SMS. for more info click here.
-Scheduler : send data at specific time of day repeatedly .for more info click here.
-Remote : a dynamic remote controller ( each button is configurable ) .for more info click here.
-Accelerometer : send accelerometer sensor data to your Microcontroller .more info will be available soon.

To See in the promo video , Play the below video  :


For How To Connect you Bluetooth module see this tutorial for HC-06 :

New actions will be added soon including  :
- and more 
Please if you have any comments any suggestion or action you want to add don't hesitate to email me on