Really, Really, Really New Home Page and Blog! 9 OCT 09

OK Kids,

It's October, it's hot and sultry and it's time to make some decisions here at Bludgeon & Skewer. Right now we're running a blog, a podcast in search of a new home, a website, several Facebook pages and a YouTube Channel and it's getting messy. So be advised that this website will turn into more of an archive of our work to present until it can be cross posted onto the blog or shifted to YouTube and Facebook. We are still in desperate need of a highly skilled cyber ninja who can make all of those things happen. A perfect job for some 14 year old and a fearsome task for an old fart like me.

The adsense counter insurgency has been a modest success and I would like to remind the readership that clicking political ads is not only great fun, it generates revenue at this site to help us finance our political adventures here in the state of Georgia with the Georgia Libertarian Party. You will never have to worry about a Libertarian candidate being a tool of special interests as we have yet to get an appointment with any of them. It seems that they're busy washing their hair or laughing so loud when we identify ourselves that they fall out of their chairs and proceed to roll on the floor in spasms. Oh well.

We've been accused of having poor taste and a lack of respect for authority and it's hallowed institutions. That is spot on. So feel free to join us as we continue to spit into the wind, tilt at institutional windmills and plaster insensitive posters all over town.

As always, more to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizers!

Hey Kids,

Here's the link to the new and improved Bludgeon & Skewer Blog!  Whiter Whites and Brighter Colors for the same Free Price!

Drop by and join the fun!