About Us

The Federalist Society is a non-partisan, non-political conservative and libertarian organization dedicated to freedom, federalism, and judicial restraint. The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.


In April 1982, a small group of law students from Harvard, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and Yale organized a symposium on federalism at Yale Law School. These students were greatly dissatisfied with the academic climate on their campuses and wanted to create a forum for debate on a wider range of legal viewpoints than they were being exposed to in the course of their studies.  

Inspired by the success of the initial program, other Chapters soon formed at law schools across the country, and the Federalist Society was incorporated in August 1982.


Since then, the Society has grown to include over 200 law school chapters and has become a major force in legal education. Currently, the national organization has approximately 40,000 members. The Federalist Society now includes Lawyers Division Chapters in 70 cities as well as 15 Practice Groups covering various specialized areas of the law. All Chapters and Practice Groups are run autonomously by their members with speakers and other resources provided by the National Office.


As a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, tax-exempt organization, and pursuant to national federalist society policies and the local BLS chapter by-laws, the Federalist Society at BLS is prohibited from hosting or endorsing political candidates, engaging in campaign activity, accepting funding from political organizations, or endorsing particular policy positions. In the spirit of liberal education, and in recognition of the support that our organization receives from BLS and the SBA, the Federalist Society at BLS is dedicated to supporting a robust, adult, mature, thoughtful, professional and engaging discourse about important issues of concern not only to libertarians and conservatives but to BLS students of all political and ideological persuasions.