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Blowgun Fishing

Shooting fish with a blowgun...

For a new twist in blowgun hunting, try shooting fish in shallow water. In lakes and ponds, I've had the best luck standing in the front of a boat and slowly drifting through the shallow areas. I tie one end of some fishing line to my dart, and the other end to my wrist. The line is tied onto the shaft of my dart, right next to the paper cone. The darts are loaded from the muzzle, so the line goes out ahead of the dart. My blowgun is 7' long, so I use about 15' of fishing line.
The diagram below will help you understand how to load and shoot your darts with fishing line tied to them.

Proper blowgun fishing setup.

Me with two boys after an afternoon of shooting fish. One brought his 4' .40cal blowgun with 5" wire darts. Unfortunately, his setup didn't work well for fishing.

This is a Bluegill I shot in about 3 feet of water. There are a lot of Bluegills in shallow water in the spring when they are laying eggs.

Another Bluegill I shot on its bed in the shallow water. This one was shot in the head, and only about 1/2" of the dart was sticking out the other side. This broke the broadhead off my dart... bummer.

The dart penetrated pretty far on this Perch because no bones were hit.