Online Educational Games for Kids MORE STAR FALL is worth the yearly membership. It gives you math games and more. It is a DAILY thing in preschool.  There is also a tab for games. I haven't check them out yet though.


  <---- simple cause/effect touch game <---- Spot the Dog!,game_toddler,game_preschool&site=us has games and smartboard things
 <----- SHOULD BE FUN!!!!!! I SPY!!! (Thanks to my friend Patti)  toddler computer exploration, keys, mouse, dragging. Fireworks show has links to Barney, Bob the Builder... KEYBOARDING!! SAFE kid videos! has games listed that I may have missed on here. :D <-- not really board interactive but looks like it has great activities <-- we like this one <---- bugs bunny, disney character games free to register, toddler games