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What People Are Saying

"I really appreciated always asking how I was feeling and having the moves modified to help me with what my body could handle on that day."

A.F., Cornwall, PEI

"I found it a very grounding and relaxing experience.  I am feeling more at ease in my body and mind as I continue on in this pregnancy.  I know the tools I learned in this class will help me during my pregnancy, in labour, and postpartum."

J.C., Sherwood, PEI

"Attending the Blossoming Belly prenatal yoga class really helped me to feel better and maintain flexibility during my pregnancy. During the weeks that I missed the class, I noticed that my body felt more achy and stiff. Also, the class offered a peaceful time for me to relax and connect with my baby. I always left the class feeling stronger, more energized, and at peace".

J.N., Hurst, TX

"Blossoming Belly Yoga truly blessed my pregnancy. I was nervous when I found out I was pregnant and very concerned about trying to do the right things for the baby.
Blossoming Belly Yoga gave me some quality time each week to be alone with my baby. It also allowed me to relax from the crazy day and find peace with anything that was going on. It allowed me to re-center and prepare for the challenges of childbirth. I absolutely loved the class and would highly recommend it".

J. M., Arlington, TX