Welcome to Blossoming Belly Yoga!  

I created Blossoming Belly Yoga back in 2010 with the intention of offering expecting mothers a great experience during their pregnancy.  I offer a comfortable and informal atmosphere in which to practice.  My prenatal classes are designed specifically for the expecting mom and her unborn baby and incorporate breathing techniques and strengthening & stretching poses to help alleviate the aches and discomforts of pregnancy.  The classes focus on conditioning the body AND mind in preparation for childbirth. 

With pregnancy and childbirth so medicalized in our modern society, yoga allows the expecting mother to experience the joy of pregnancy, her changing body, and bringing a new life into this world.  It helps to prepare her body and mind for delivery and childbirth.  Another advantage of attending classes is the chance to bond with other mothers-to-be and the community support. 

Whether this is your first baby or 4th, in your first trimester or last, you are welcome!  Classes are designed and modified for all stages of pregnancy. 

In addition to offering local prenatal yoga classes, I also offer regular Hatha classes, incorporating any necessary modifications for prenatal and postnatal students. 
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A new Gentle Yoga class will begin April 21st in Cornwall!!  Check out the Schedule page for more details.

Flow into 2015!!
Monday Night Yoga is continuing at York Point Community Ctr. in Cornwall!!

Please call or email with questions.