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 This work is a broad spectrum of free Web 2.0 tools that are accessible in our district and not blocked by our district filtering.

 This work compiled by:
Kathy Beck, Instructional Technology Coordinator and
Karen VanVliet, Media Specialist
Contact Information
Karen -
A little bit about Karen and Kathy - two girls who REALLY love exploring and sharing Technology for Educators
and Students to integrate into the learning environment!

Kathy has a BS in Elementary Ed and Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and MA in Educational Media and Instructional Technology from Appalachian State University.  She taught elementary students, taught in a computer lab, and has been working as an Instructional Technology Coordinator currently serving 7 schools, training Educators and working with teachers and students collaboratively on projects integrating technology.
Karen has a Bachelors of Education in English as a Second Language from the University of Hawaii, a MS in Administration from the University of Notre Dame, and a Masters of Education in Educational Media from the University of South Alabama. She has lived in 2 countries and 8 states and currently is a Media Coordinator for a middle school who focuses on integrating technology.
Kathy's experiences with training teachers allows for testing some of these webtools from an Educator's point of view, and Kathy and Karen often work with teachers and students at Karen's school, and the schools Kathy serves to use the tools in a project based environment. 
This collection is a project above and beyond our many educator duties and is evidence of our love of teaching and technology.

 This work is intended to direct users to available free Web 2.0 tools.  Each image connects to a page with additional information, documentation, examples and instructions, as well as a link to the actual tool's site.