BFT Committees

Negotiations Committee
Chris Tollefson and 
Jeff Bunkert, co-chairs

Settlement CommitteeMolly Geislinger and Gwen McFarlane, co-chairs


    • Work closely with the negotiations team to develop a shared message to communicate with the membership.
    • Help give members opportunities to stay actively involved in the BFT and the community.
    • Raise morale and keep people feeling positive about the challenges the BFT and its teachers face.
Membership Committee
  • Dyan Otten, new members
  • April Baden, general membership
  • Lacey Dawson, membership deductions
New Teacher MentorJordan Brockpahler

Professional Issues
Legislative CommitteeKirsten Morcomb and Patti Arteelco-chairs
  • Coordinate communication between local elected officials and BFT membership
  • Organize district-wide political events
    • Lobby Day at the Capital
    • Eggs and Issues
    • Education Minnesota Political Conference
    • Create ‘Get out the Vote’ materials and activities

Social Committee:  Jacqueline Kuhns


    • Plans events for the membership and district at large.
    • Events include:  new teacher luncheon, fall picnic, winter fundraiser, spring picnic, recognition dinner, other events as needed

Communications Committee:  Mary Klempke


  • Maintains BFT website
  • Aid President in producing newsletters
  • Maintain updated membership rosters
  • Work on providing membership w/BFT info