Lawrence Pizzi's Spring 2012 Collection
Shown at Fashion Week
September 12th 2011
BloomingLotusLife Team

Lawrence Pizzi showed his spring 2012 collection in Buffalo, NY as part of Fashion Week. The collection included a mix of neutral's, metallic's and bold prints. Not only was Pizzi able to achieve a great woman's wear collection using all three types of fabrics he was also able to show his design diversity by including men's wear into the collection as well. Pizzi has shown his work all over the world and has dressed musical royalty such as Patti LaBelle and Lauryn Hill as well as ruling royalty including the Emporer of Japan and the Prince of Morocco.

Pizzi named this collection “One Woman, One World”. When asked why he decided to add menswear and male models into the show he stated that he did it “for the ladies, since that’s the best accessory you can have on your arm." Pizzi might just be onto something!

Lawrence Pizzi is currently involved with several fashion projects as well as serving as a professor at the well known Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City where he helps nurture the mind of young designers.

LouE. Photo website has a lot more awesome photos of the show. has a slideshow of the event

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