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All the Apps are FREE. They are apps that have been sorted into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy categories.  Many fit in multiple categories.
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Additional Resources and Information: Two sites in collaboration with Karen Van Vliet, Media Coordinator.
The Digital Blooms Website - our collection of free webtools aligned to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy: www.bit.ly/digital_blooms
The GenZ and Gaming Website - our information regarding Gen Z as well as gaming: http://bit.ly/genz_gaming
I have a real passion for finding tools and resources to help teachers integrate technology into their classroom instruction. My photo is from Spirit Week at one of the middle schools I serve. Its all about the PINK!! pinktechnologygirl@gmail.com
Kathy has a BS in Elementary Ed and Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and MA in Educational Media and Instructional Technology from Appalachian State University.  She taught elementary students, taught in a computer lab, and has been working as an Instructional Technology Coordinator currently serving 7 schools, training about 600 Educators and working with teachers and students collaboratively on projects integrating technology.

Presentations and Conferences 2011-13:
NCSLMA - 10/6/2011 - 10/8/2011
NCTies - 3/7/2012 - 3/9/2012, 3/7/2013
Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement: 2012 and 3/27/2013
Appalachian Summer ELearning Conference - 7/13/2012 and 7/26/2013
DPI CTE Summer conference - 7/24/2012 - 7/26/2012 and 7/25/2013
Charlotte Mecklenburg Instructional Technology Conference
Classroom 2.0 Virtual Conference - 8/20/2012 - 8/24/2012
Den Spring Virtual Conference - 4/20/2013  
Kathy's Instructional Technology Coordinator Website: http://iss.schoolwires.com/kathy_beck