Welcome to the 14th Annual Bloom Early Music Workshop 2018

You're invited to participate in the annual Bloom Early Music Workshop,

Friday, August 31st to Sunday, September 2nd 2018,

featuring Lisle Kulbach, Larry Lipnik, and Jody Miller. Please join us for a weekend in the forest & hills of PA for early music & activities. It's a great opportunity for Early Music Singers and Instrumentalists to work together. The low price is the same regardless of the number of days you attend so please try to make all sessions. We have a maximum of about 30 participants.

This invitation is private to friends and previously invited musicians until July 4 when it will be opened to the general public - so commit now and make your deposit of $25. No spots are held or guaranteed without a deposit. Commit early so you don't miss out! Deposits are refundable upon cancellation until August 10th to cover the costs of preparation and supplies (meals, music folders, etc.). Refunds won't be given after this date unless cancellation is due to an emergency.