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Bloody Orators DCP report

Congratulations to our club!  We now have 20 members!

Congratulations to our club!  With all our officers trained we became a fall Dream Team!  

 2007 Select Distinguished Club- Let's do it again guys!

Congratulations to Keisha for participating and wining 2nd place in the Division E 2007 Evaluation Contest!   

 Keisha at her celebration party of her wining 2nd place in the Division E 2007 Evaluation Contest!


A Baby shower Toastmaster style!  Congratulations Hanako!


We are a group of people who like to eat, our March 19th, 2008 meeting was a cooking themed meeting.  We had a speech that explained the science of how ice cream is made.  We had another speech that explained the science of baking ingredients.  Another speech explained the improtant tools that are needed in a kitchen and our last speech explained how you can substitute ingredients for low fat ingredients.