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Congratulations!  You've just taken the first step into improving your public speaking and leadership skills! 

Right now, your probably thinking, "What now?"  As a new member, we encourage you to just sit and listen for one or two meetings.  Try a table topics question if you would like to participate.  It's important to listen and watch what each role is comprised of during the meeting so you can start to develope your toastmaster skills.  Then the next two meetings try your hand as a Timer or Grammarian and the other meeting give your Ice Breaker.

The roles in the meeting are desined to help you with time management, listening and organization.  For example, the Toastmaster of the Day must run the meeting.  They are responsible for making the meeting start and end on time.  They are also  responsible for the coordination and preparation of the meeting.  The Toastmaster of the Day is the host of the meeting must delegate other roles when needed and handle any emergancies, such as roles not filled or interruptions during the meeting. 

As you can see the Toastmaster of the Day has a big job.  However, your first time doesn't have to be perfect.   Through the Competent Leadership manual you can have a written evaluation on how you did as the Toastmaster of the Day and get tips for improvement for the next time you act as Toastmaster of the Day.

Another big part of Toastmasters is the speeches.  As a new member you will be working out of the Competent Communication manual.  This manual contains ten speeches that are structured around fundamentals for better public speaking.   One by one you will prepare and give a speech that meets the criteria of each goal. 

You will be given an evaluation of that speech for tips for improvement and to expalain what you did well.  This is done during the meeting.  It's important that what you learn is also what everyone else learns.  It teaches everyone at the meeting, especially you,  to be a better listener and speaker.  Never fear, the evaluations are never a harsh criticism of your speech.  It's also a job of a Toastmaster to give effective evaluations.   If you feel that the in-meeting evaluations aren't enough, we can provide you with a mentor that will guide you through the first couple of speeches and offer more advice after the meeting.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect as a new member, we as a club, encourage you to have fun with us as we all improve our leadership and public speaking skills!  See you at the next meeting!