Welcome to the Bloody Orators!

 Toastmaster's International Club #614319

District #36

Division E

Area  #51

Rockville, Maryland

est. 2003

 Jim Whitney Award District 36 Club Website Contest Participant


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Meeting Time:  5:30pm, 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Open to all!

Where:  15601 Crabbs Branch Way, Derwood, MD   20855

From Rt 355 heading north from Rockville, turn right onto E Gude Dr.  Turn left onto Crabbs Branch way.  Turn right into the American Red Cross Holland Lab parking lot.  Enter into the main entrance and check in with the guard (bring a photo ID)           Map It!    

The Mission of Our Club and Why the Bloody Orators?

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Since 2003 the Bloody Orators had a goal to make public speaking a fun learning experience.   We encourage creative speeches and intriguing topics.    We're a great mix of Toastmasters that strive not only towards the goal of improving our speaking skills but also to enjoy ourselves in the process.    Our club tends to have a lot of energy mixed with a friendly atmosphere.  We have members at all levels of Toastmaster skills so don't worry if you've never spoken in front of a group before.  We can help you through all your jitters and butterflys.  We have a relaxed atmosphere that puts our member's fear and inhibitions at ease. 

Come and visit our club to see for yourself what the Bloody Orators can offer you!  You can also print out a brochure for a take-along version of our website.  Already convinced you want to join the Bloody Orators?  Print out a MembershipApplication.pdf, fill it out and contact us  at BloodyOrators@gmail.com for the next steps to becoming a better public speaker!

How it Works:

Each club typically meets twice a month for an hour.  During the meeting members have assigned roles such as the TMOD, Timer, and Grammarian.   Each Speaker will present their speech, and then get evaluated.  Also to improve impromtu speaking, a Table Topics Master will present questions to the club.  Volunteers will answer a question in a miniture speech that the member comes up with on the spot.   At the end of the meeting, each member should leave with another idea to improve their public speaking.   

How Much and When:

Dues are collected twice a year, October and April at $30.  New members also pay a one time fee of $20 for the New Member Kit and processing.  We collect by cash or check.