Welcome to the home of Bloodright, a story-focused, character-driven Pathfinder campaign set in the world of Greyhawk. We play once a week using OpenRPG, and we roleplay between sessions on our Forum. The first session was held February 10, 2008, and we've been going strong ever since. We have a devoted group of four players plus our illustrious DM.

A sea of steel, spikes, and crude weaponry is the cup at the midnight mass. The flesh and blood beneath is the sacrifice. Hextorian priests and battle lords kneel, chanting a low hymn of honor and glory to the fallen.

Some of them are already legends in their own right, and others are hoping to become so this day. There is the battle-scarred dark paladin known as Bruthel, who wields a serrated two-handed sword that is constantly venomous. There is Sarthek, the mage-priest, who wields dual flails. There is Kempar, the black knight of the North, who is said to have personally slain fourteen paladins of Heironeous in single combat and wears an ever-growing necklace made from the thumb bones of those he has slain.

Whatever the city musters won’t stand a chance. A statement was made last night. Another will be made this morning. Prymp is about to be baptized in blood – again.

There is no sermon, no message, nothing but chanting. The priests beckon Hextor for their magic and bid him bless them in battle.

– Session 139

The Axe of the Northern Scions

Art by Melody