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White Washed Oak Flooring

white washed oak flooring
    white washed
  • (White Wash) Same as "White Lime.'
  • Whitewash, or calcimine, kalsomine, or calsomine is a very low cost type of paint made from slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and chalk (whiting). Various other additives have also been used. The incident with Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence as punishment is a famous image in American literature.
  • (White Wash) This is the turbulent water that is found to be present in the dead center of two converging wakes. The wake itself is capable of containing whitewash, making it difficult for the wake to have hit.
    oak flooring
  • Red, white, lacquered and brushed oak flooring finishes.

Hegg House ~ 1896
Hegg House ~ 1896
The Hegg House was built in 1896 by Frederick A. Hegg for his growing family. F.A. Hegg (Dec. 22, 1860 – May 20, 1935) was a native of Iowa, whose parents emigrated from Norway by way of Quebec in 1854. Hegg earned a degree in business at a college in Minnesota. He then came to the Skagit Valley, stopping in Oregon long enough to marry his first wife, Mollie, and later opened a mercantile store on Metcalf Street. The Hegg House, a farmhouse Victorian, was the first home of substantial size in the 300 block. From internal structural evidence the present owners believe that the home was built in two stages, with the east portion built first, in order to reflect the growing family and fortunes of the Hegg Family. The porches and facade were designed with little architectural ornamentation to reflect the conservative nature of an early Sedro-Woolley business owner. A Hegg family member recalled the original layout of two bedrooms downstairs, four upstairs, a red-carpeted parlor off the grand staircase, and dining room off the huge kitchen, with a back staircase to complete the house. The rare oak floors were installed around 1918. The home was first painted brown with ivory trim and was later painted white as seen in the 1930’s era photo of Mr. Hegg and his second wife. The original laundry-room, outhouse, and coal shed building with sink in floor, is still standing in the backyard.
Plain old Saturday!
Plain old Saturday!
All our stuff has been moved from the kitchen and the living room to our little "conservatory" - havestue in Danish... Unfortunately it is totally rotten and we are having it torn down in a few weeks. But first it has to harbour all our precious things while the carpenters put down a new floor in the living room. I'm sad to see the old oak tree floor go in a way. I love all the square tiles and the way they make the light bounce in the room. But it is old and beyond salvation... We are going to replace it with a white washed ash tree floor. It will be beautiful too... We are also installing a new kitchen (which one we don't quite know yet) which means tearing down the old one... Now we have nowhere to cook. So we're leaving for a while to go live with my parents - just for a couple of days until the floor is ready.

white washed oak flooring
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