Vintage Hand Scraped Floors

vintage hand scraped floors
    hand scraped
  • Also called hand-sculpted.  Hardwood planks are individually hand-scraped to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind floors.
  • a process used to undulate the surface of wood floors to create an uneven surface, which replicates foot traffic, and wear characteristics of an old floor.
  • Before sanding machines arrived in the 1920?s, floors where scraped to remove the old varnish before a light sand by hand and then refinishing. Real wood floors prepared this way had a slightly undulating finish.
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  • Vintage, in wine-making, is the process of picking grapes and creating the finished product. A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year.
  • All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a story
  • The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk
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vintage hand scraped floors - Hand-scraped Flooring
Hand-scraped Flooring Vintage Timber Floors Oak 3/4" Floor
Hand-scraped Flooring Vintage Timber Floors Oak 3/4" Floor
Hand-scraped Reclamation Plank by Heritage Woodcraft. I go over: Both concrete or wooden subfloors. I can be: Floated or Nailed down. I am: Solid Hardwood. 3/4" x 7.87" x 72". Janka Hardness Rating: 1360, Tongue & Groove Type: Precision milled 4 sided tongue and groove, Edge Design: Micro-Beveled, Square Feet per carton: 19.7, Structural Placement: On grade or above grade, RadiantHeat: No, Warranty: 25 year wear warranty/lifetime structural. Reclamation Plank is inspired after Reclaimed timber milled into flooring from historic buildings. This solid Hardwood Floor plank is nearly 8" wide. Special surface treatments achieve an old world warm handscraped patina throughout. If you are looking for an unusually high end hardwood solid wide plank oak floor at a significantly discounted price this could be it.

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The Long Road To Woodstock---A Summer's Outing & "One Damn Fool"
The Long Road To Woodstock---A Summer's Outing & "One Damn Fool"
I don't remember falling in to Elliot Bay. I must have been staggering around the deck of the little sailboat in my drunken state, lost my balance, and gone in. I don't remember being scared to death---I was too drunk to have any wits about me to be scared witless about. I do remember flailing in what must have been panic, but, as I say, it was a rather one-dimensional panic, that of a drunk who's about to drown. If I had been this far out, this far from the boat, I suppose I would have been beyond saving. Anyone who had tried to save me would have had to knock me out first, and I was a fairly formidable physical specimen back then. My freshmen year at college, I had gone out for crew, and I was in about the best shape I've ever been in, my whole life. But I was in close, next to the boat, and before things got too bad, before I took in a bunch of water and started to go under, a hand reached down, got me by the arm, and pulled me back in to the sailboat. Perhaps as a divine warning, as I was pulled back in, I scraped over that rough-barked railing, and got a not-too-severe, but cautionary laceration, down the underside of that arm and on my torso. Fool that I was (I know the Bible tells you not to call your brother a fool, but I imagine you can inflict that on yourself), I drank some more after my baptism, and washed the cheap red wine (I'd switched poisons, for whatever reason) down with some grilled, but still very raw, chicken, and some potato chips. At some point I passed out, there on the deck, and at some point some kind soul threw a blanket over me. I can't say one way or the other whether I made it through the night unpurged, but I can tell you that the moment I stood up in the morning I rushed to the side of the boat, leaned out over the unfriendly railing, and heaved for all I was worth. You have to imagine the scene: the sun just up in the east, the utterly still waters of the bay, the towers of the city as a back-drop, the clean pure cool early morning air, and that cleansing light shining through a stream of clear pure wine-dark vomit. Trust me on this---there was a Platonic purity about the moment, and just at the height of the action, not a laugh, but a hearty, sustained guffaw broke the silence. Emptied, drained, steadied a bit on the road to recovery, I looked over and saw, leaning back on the bowsprit with his arms behind his head, my rescuer. Or at least I think he was my rescuer---the gay-guy ex-soldier who got kicked out of the Army and made love to the Swedish beauty on the living room floor of the rental house of the two Harvey Mudd girls. If you were going to pluck my eye out with hot pincers I couldn't tell you his name. To be honest, I don't remember thanking him for saving my life. I remember disliking him, at least a little bit, for getting pleasure out of my discomfort. And to be even more honest, I never really thought much about this episode, until I started thinking about writing my little novella. And now I realize that I did come close to death that day, and I don't even know the name of the person who saved my life. So I guess I should just say "Thank you," and let it go at that. That afternoon, when I got back to Capitol Hill, I went to my favorite restaurant and had a chocolate milk shake. I felt better after that.
box beam ceiling and more
box beam ceiling and more
Vintage elements include box beamed ceiling, heavy mouldings, hand scraped elm floors, wood ceilings and distressed wood walls. As most homes in the area have been remodeled to have a more modern sterile feel, this home has been restored to respect the original charm and character of a circa 1940 plantation house.

vintage hand scraped floors
vintage hand scraped floors
5 inch Greenland Multilayer Distressed Hand-Scraped Hardwood Maple Mocha Flooring (6 inch Sample)
This listing is for a piece of 8 inch sample of Greenland 5 inch 7-Layer Distressed Hand-Scraped Engineered Hardwood Maple Mocha flooring. The real product will be sold by cartons with Carton size of 37 sf. It is not just done by machine but Scraped FULLY by hands and all "distresses" are unique. The Janka rating is 1450 and the finish is Semi-gloss with 6 coatings of aluminum oxide. The boards have the micro bevel on all four sides. The Carton weight is 76 lbs. FloorUS will stand behind the description of the product. And it is a mill direct home improvement products supplier, with the highest quality at the lowest prices in the North American market. Please call (866) 693-5787 or email for further help. Thank you for your interests!

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