Sub Floors

sub floors
    sub floors
  • (SUB-FLOOR) Material such as particleboard installed before finish flooring materials.
  • (Sub-floor) Boards or plywood laid on joists over which a finish floor is to be laid.
  • (Sub-floor) Area below a timber floor structure or suspended slab.
sub floors - Dap 27042
Dap 27042 7000 Sub-Floor and Deck Construction Adhesive 29-Ounce
Dap 27042 7000 Sub-Floor and Deck Construction Adhesive 29-Ounce
DAP 27042 7000 VOC-Compliant Subfloor & Deck Construction AdhesiveA solvent-based, VOC-compliant formula that meets APA, AFG-01, and ASTM Specification D 3498. Premium grade, weatherproof formulation reduces nailing requirements, floor squeaks and nail pops. Forms a permanent bond on wet, frozen and treated lumber. Easy gunning. Interior/exterior use.DAP 27042 7000 VOC-Compliant Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive Features:; Superior, VOC compliant solvent-based construction adhesive that forms a strong, weatherproof bond on wet, frozen, or dry lumber as well as treated lumber, metal, and concrete; Meets APA Engineered Wood Association Specification AFG-01 for subfloor construction; Conforms to FHA Use of Material Bulletin UM-60; Meets ASTM Specification D 3498; Light Tan; 29 fl ozDAP 27042 7000 VOC-Compliant Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive Specifications; Unit Size: 28 fl. oz; Color: Tan; SKU: 7079827042; Case Pack: 12; Weight: 28.5 lbs; Dimensions: 10.5x8x17; Cases / Pallet: 40

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Subfloor Overview Incomplete
Subfloor Overview Incomplete
This is about 2/3 of the steel sub-floor construction. It has taken me since Monday to get to this stage. One more day will see the full steel work completed and ready for Council inspection.

You will note that there are bricks removed along the side. This was because of the need to screw in an angle brace along the faces of all the the joists to carry the load of the frame. This will be repaired on Sunday.
Radiant sub-floor in upstairs bath
Radiant sub-floor in upstairs bath
Today I laid the radiant panel sub-floor in the up-upstairs bath (as opposed to the one near our bedroom that's chock full of Morgan fenders. Why do we have 3 front fenders ??). The radiant tubing will go in as soon as I've got the through-holes drilled in the floor so the tubes can be connected to the downstairs manifold, hopefully tomorrow.

sub floors
sub floors
Net ecosystem CO"2 exchange for moss and lichen dominated forest floors of old-growth sub-boreal spruce forests in central British Columbia, Canada [An article from: Forest Ecology and Management]
This digital document is a journal article from Forest Ecology and Management, published by Elsevier in 2006. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

This study used instantaneous chamber-based CO"2 exchange measurements (2004) in conjunction with a seasonal record of microclimate (2003) to model growing season forest floor net ecosystem CO"2 exchange (ffNEE) for terrestrial bryophyte and lichen communities in sub-boreal forests in central British Columbia, Canada. Multiple regression models using microclimate variables described between 35 and 53% of the variation in ffNEE for moss or lichen dominated forest floor at an ambient CO"2 concentration. Light and moss or lichen moisture and temperature were all important variables in describing ffNEE from moss and lichen dominated forest floor patches while substrate temperature was the most important variable explaining ffNEE from bare litter+soil and wood. Moss dominated forest floor had relatively invariant mean diel ffNEE across the 3-month growing season while lichen dominated wood had low summer ffNEE which increased in September. Over a 3-month growing season in 2003, moss dominated forest floor had a total ffNEE of -33.8gCm^-^2 and lichen dominated wood had a total ffNEE of -42.9gCm^-^2. When ffNEE values from the moss, lichen, bare wood, and bare litter+soil components of the forest floor community were summed over the 3-month period, the old-growth sub-boreal spruce forest floor had a net CO"2 exchange of -31.6gCm^-^2, representing a loss of this amount of carbon over the growing season. The moss dominated, but not lichen dominated, forest floor appeared limited by ambient forest floor CO"2 levels (430@mmolCO"2mol^-^1) and exhibited increased photosynthesis at elevated CO"2 (700@mmolCO"2mol^-^1).

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