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Build A Subfloor

build a subfloor
  • The framing components of a floor to include the sill plate, floor joists, and deck sheeting over which a finish floor is to be laid.
  • The floor structure supporting and underlying the visible flooring or other finishing surface such as a carpet
  • Boards or plywood laid on joists over which a finish floor is to be laid.
  • The foundation for a floor in a building
  • Construct (something, typically something large) by putting parts or material together over a period of time
  • Commission, finance, and oversee the building of (something)
  • construct: make by combining materials and parts; "this little pig made his house out of straw"; "Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer"
  • Incorporate (something) and make it a permanent part of a structure, system, or situation
  • physique: constitution of the human body
  • build up: form or accumulate steadily; "Resistance to the manager's plan built up quickly"; "Pressure is building up at the Indian-Pakistani border"
build a subfloor - BuildSecure High-Strength
BuildSecure High-Strength Construction adhesive & Subfloor Adhesive Case of 24 10.1oz
BuildSecure High-Strength Construction adhesive & Subfloor Adhesive Case of 24 10.1oz
Build Secure "green" structural adhesive is a fast setting structural adhesive designed for commercial and residential panel on frame assemblies. Build secure is solvent free, VOC compliant, non flammable and non arcinogenic. Build Secure is a high adhesion product which meets specifications for sub floor construction (AFG-01, UM-60, ASTM D-3498) BuildSecure achieves "wood tearing bonds" in as little as four hours. With 500+ PSI shear strength, build secure is ideal for floor decks, shear walls and roof assemblies. Build secure is 100% solids. This means build secure can be used on irregular surfaces without fear of shrinking.

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Subfloor - redone
Subfloor - redone
Subfloor? We don't need no stinkin' subfloor. One of the joists was crowning which caused a peak in the floor. This won't do for Hardwood floors. So we cut a hole in the subfloor and planed down the joist until it was level with the others - and built the subfloor back on top. Having a brother in-law (Rich) with carpentry-skills really helps a lot - no serious, A LOT. I don't think we would've had the guts to take a circular saw to the subfloor without him. I'd still be scratching my head to this day staring at this floor without his help.
Raised Subfloor
Raised Subfloor
I decided to build a raised subfloor for a few reasons. First, since the garage floor is not level, this would give me a chance to create a level floor for the room. Secondly, I could insulate the floor with insulated foam panels (2" shown). Finally, the subfloor would give me a chance to putting a floor finish that wouldn't effect the concrete underneath (in case the room ever had to be removed).

build a subfloor
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