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Modes of Inheritance

As there are different diseases there is also different modes of inheritance.
The percentages in the tables are equal to percentage chance per pup having the condition/not having the condition not to the entire litter.

The mains ones are:

Only one copy of the affected gene needs to be inherited for the dog to have the condition.
  ClearHetrozygous Affected Affected
 Clear 100% Clear 50% Clear 50% Hetrozygous100% Hetrozygous
 Hetrozygous Affected 50% Clear 50% Hetrozygous 50% Hetrozygous 25% Clear 25% Affected 50% Affected50%Hetrozygous
 Affected  100% Hetrozygous 50% Affected 50 Hetrozygous 100% Affected

Recessive conditions need a copy of the affected gene from both parents for the offspring to be affected.

  Clear Carrier Affected
 Clear 100% Clear 50% Clear 50% Carrier 100% Carrier
 Carrier 50% Clear 50% Carrier 50% Carrier 25% Clear 25% Affected 50% Affected 50% Carrier
 Affected  100% Carrier 50% Affected 50% Carrier 100% Affected

Several different genes affect the mode of inheritance, this covers conditions like Elbow and Hip Dysplasia.