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Like other breeds of dogs Bloodhounds can be susceptible to cancer, cancer is one of the biggest killers in Bloodhounds, the other being bloat.

Keep an eye out for lumps and bumps, some are non cancerous and only need removing if they are causing a hindrance, others are more serious and either need removing or sadly may not be able to be removed.

Please keep an eye out for lymphoma, there are a few hounds that have had this terrible form of cancer,  the lymph nodes at the back of the jaw swell up, unfortunately lymphoma does not have a good prognosis. There are also other lymph node areas to keep an eye on, see diagram below.

Retained testicles are at a higher risk of turning cancerous, in most cases when removed the risk of cancer is all but gone; there is a about a 15% chance of testicular cancer spreading.

Some symptoms of cancer; if you are concerned please get in touch and consult your vet

Abnormal swellings/lumps that persist or continue to grow

Sores that do not heal

Loss of appetite

Unexplained weight loss

Bleeding/discharge from any body opening

Difficulty eating or swallowing

Offensive odour

Hesitation to exercise/loss of stamina

Persistent lameness/stiffness

Difficulty breathing/urinating/defecating

Unexplained hair loss