Health Status

With any breed there are inherited conditions, some conditions are common throughout the dog population and others can affect a certain breed. Below are conditions that we are aware of in the Bloodhound population. These conditions are generally inherited however environmental factors can play a part in conditions such as Elbow Dysplasia and Hip Dysplasia, environmental factors can also play a part in Bloat occurrences along with stress and digestive issues. Heart diseases can also be inherited and fatal if not addressed or if it is unknown that the dog is carrying it, unless it is tested for owners tend not to know until there dog becomes extremely ill or sadly just all of a sudden passes away.

The health of any breed is extremely important, breeding decisions should incorporate the health of the parents and the relatives of the parents including sibling data. Temperament, sound movement and good construction, genetic diversity and the coefficient of breeding should all be taken into consideration when planning a litter. 

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