ABO BLOOD GROUP SYSTEM LECTURE SLIDE 226: This lists the collaborators of my research on ABO.

03. Discovery of ABO Blood Group System

04. A and B Antigens

05. A and B transferases

06. A transferase cDNA cloning

07. Northern Hybridization Results

08. A/B/O Allelic cDNAs

09. Deduced Amino Acid Sequences of A/B/O Alleles

10. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (A/B Allele vs. O Allele)

11. RFLP (A/O Alleles vs. B Allele)

12. ABO Genotyping of Blood Specimens

13. ABO Alleles (A and B Alleles)

14. ABO Alleles (O Alleles)

15. ABO Alleles (A and B Subgroup Alleles)

16. ABO Alleles (cis-AB & B(A) Alleles)

17. ABO Alleles 2008

18. ABO Alleles (BGAGMD)

19. ABO Allele Mutations

20. Transfection Analysis

21. Transfection Results (A/B transferase)

22. Transfection Results (A2 and A3 Alleles)

23. Transfection Results (O Alleles)

24. Transfection Results (A-B Transferase Chimeras --AA)

25. Transfection Results (A-B Transferase Chimeras --BB)

26. Transfection Results (A-B Transferase Chimeras --AB)

27. Transfection Results (A-B Transferase Chimeras --BA)

28. Transfection Results (A transferase Codon 268)

29. Nucleotide-Sugar Specificity (A transferase Codons 266-268)

30. Transfection Results (B transferase Codon 268)

31. Nucleotide-Sugar Specificity (B Transferase Codons 266-268)

32. Three-Dimensional Structure of A Transferase

33.Homologous Sequences in Other Species

34. Primate ABO Gene Sequence Comparison

35. Evolution of ABO Genes in Primates

36. Evolution of ABO Genes (2008)

37. Alpha 1-3 Gal(NAc) Transferase Family

38. Evolutionary Tree of ABO and Related Genes (2001)

39. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (2001)

40. Evolutionary Tree of ABO and Related Genes (2008)

41. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (2008)

42. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (GGTA1 Genes)

43. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (A3GALT2 Genes)

44. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (GBGT1 Genes)

45. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (ABO Genes)

46. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (GLT6D1 Genes)

47. Glycosyltransferase Gene Family

48. Glycosyltransferase Gene Expression in Human Tissues

49. Glycosyltransferase Gene Expression Analyzed by Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

50. Summary


Appendix 01.Discovery of the ABO blood group system

Appendix 02. Four major groups

Appendix 03. Genetic basis of ABO blood grouping

Appendix 04. ABH(O) substances

Appendix 05. Immuno-determinant structures of ABH(O) antigens

Appendix 06. The immuno-dominant sugars of the A and B antigens are GalNAc (N-acetyl-D-galactosamine) and galactose, respectively.

Appendix 07. The Biosynthetic pathways of the A and B antigens

Appendix 08. Linkage analysis of the ABO genes

Appendix 09. ABO blood groups and A and B transferase activity

Appendix 10. History of the purification attempt of A transferase

Appendix 11. A and B subgroups

Appendix 12. A1 and A2 subgroups

Appendix 13. A3, Ax, and B3 weak subgroups

Appendix 14. Discovery of cis-AB

Appendix 15. Two examples of cis-AB inheritance

Appendix 16. Discovery of B(A) phenotype

Appendix 17. Mapping of the ABO gene using the radiation hybrid panel

Appendix 18. ABH and related antigens

Appendix 19. The genomic structure of the human ABO gene

Appendix 20. Comparison of amino acid sequences of the ABO and related genes

Appendix 21. Comparison of gene organization between human and mouse ABO genes

Appendix 22. Polymorphism in the ABO gene that was observed among different species and subspecies of mice

Appendix 23. The specificity of the murine enzyme

Appendix 24. Porcine ABO gene

Appendix 25. A variety of methods for the ABO genotyping

Appendix 26. ABO Polymorphism & Infectious Disease Susceptibility

Appendix 27. ABO Polymorphism & Infectious Disease Susceptibility-2

Appendix 28. ABO Polymorphism & Cancer Susceptibility

Appendix 29. ABH Antigen Expression & Cancer

Appendix 30. ABO & Pancreatic Cancer

Appendix 31. ABO & Diet

Appendix 32. ABO Blood Type Diets

Appendix 33. ABH Antigens in Neurobiology

Appendix 34. ABO & Personality