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Car Replacement Carpet

car replacement carpet
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Lifting the carpet and removing the wet underlay
Lifting the carpet and removing the wet underlay
Removing the soggy underlay from beneath the carpet. Note pools of river water. And that horrible "gorilla snot" glue they use to grip the underlay to the carpet. The foam beneath the seat appears to have soaked up a good deal of water too, so Tex will be a single seater vehicle until that's dried out! UPDATE: Mazda did this again today. In order to establish that the random electrical faults were caused by water ingress to Tex's computer (or PCM - Powertrain Control Module to give it's proper name), which is located at the foot end of this footwell behind a panel. So wet pooter = bad and Replacement part = ?1000! :( Insurance claim time it is ... so whilst my no claims discount is now all shot to hell, at least I'll get new carpets and mats out of this to go with my shiny new PCM.
New hatch floor
New hatch floor
Prior owner spilled a bunch of stuff on the hatch carpet and the leather seats. Thanks to a Saab friend, I was able to locate a replacement interior to go back in here. As of yesterday it's pretty much installed. Just need to do the headliner and the inside will be a new (er) car, ready to sell.

car replacement carpet
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