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How To Clean A House Fast

how to clean a house fast
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how to clean a house fast - Clean Your
Clean Your Home Fast: For Busy Moms
Clean Your Home Fast: For Busy Moms
You deserve great household help. Here it is!
You love a clean home, but you're short on time. That's life when you're a mom. More than a book, this new guide qualifies as household help, with hundreds of fast, easy ways to get your home sparkling clean in minutes. Learn the quickest way to disinfect kitchens, how to store food safely, how to kill bacteria and soiled clothes without damage, and proven ways to get everyone to pitch in and help clean. There's even a section on how to “emergency clean” in 10 minutes for unexpected company!

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How I broke my knee
How I broke my knee
I'd been eying this line all year. I've skied down almost every rock and cliff face at Solitude that has snow on it and doesn't involve jumping more than 20 feet to get in or out of, so when I see something new that I think can be skied, it is pretty exciting. I never even realized you could possibly ski this line until it snowed so much this year and filled in. Every lift ride I've taken for the past 2 months I've been memorizing the way down... go past the split tree, stop at the next tree, step carefully over the rock band, down the patch of snow below the big rock. Look for the gap to the right. Hold onto the little tree to climb down the next set of rocks. Ski right across the patch of snow above the huge cliff. Jump right side of cliff. Actually, I hadn't planned to ski the line that day - you can ski half way down the top chute and then bail out to the right into a nice bowl that no one ever skies because the way in is hard to find. But I got half way there and it looked so great I just kept skiing. Also I had my helmet camera running so I was psyched to get some sweet footage. It all went like clockwork -- I had to side-slip more than I wanted to -- I would have preferred to make turns, but it was pretty rocky and falling would have been death with the 50' of rocks and cliffs below so I was being pretty cautious. Anyway, I finally made it to the little patch of snow above the last cliff. The whole thing was pretty straight forward - it went easier than I expected, nothing too terrifying. The one thing about skiing with a helmet camera is that the more you stop and look around to try and figure out where to go next, the worse the video looks. So if you want to shoot video without having to edit it much or at all, you have to make quick decisions and not move your head around too much. This means yo have to know where you are going and try to not make bad decisions because you haven't taken the time to think things out. At the last patch of snow, I saw there was a little line of snow off to my right so I could have skied out without even having to jump the final cliff. But, I had scoped the cliff out from below a few weeks earlier and it wasn't that high, with a nice steep landing. Another thing is that recently I have been pushing myself a bit farther than usual. Despite the fact that I ski down very steep scary looking things all the time, I am pretty cautious and don't usually jump off stuff higher than 10-15 feet which on telemark skis seems pretty bold to me as it is. But lately I've been finding myself standing at the top of higher drops thinking..."Well nothing happened last time I jumped of something big..." and then going for it. There's a certain feeling you get once you've committed to something like this. The same feeling you have when you jump off a high cliff into the water, that brief second as you run forward, see the edge and know you won't stop and then are in the air, with safety so close behind you but unable to turn back and you look down see how far you have to fall. There is something precious and intense and indescribable about that split second where you are hanging in the air, next to safety but totally committed, unable to stop what you've set in motion. Then you are falling, landing with a splash of water or an explosion of snow and you look back up and see what you've accomplished and think about that weird fight you undertake between the terror of common sense and the sharp rush of adrenaline. So there I was, camera running, on a little piece of snow with about 10 feet 45-degree steep snow before a little tree buried in the snow that made a nice launching pad. I couldn't actually see the landing. Straight down it looked like about 30' to the ground, and a long ways out. Not at all safe. Next to that, was a clean drop where I knew it was steeper and the landing was clear since I had checked it out before, but still it meant I'd need a bit of speed. I took one last look at the nice easy exit out the side, away from the cliff, looked down below me, and threw caution to the wind. Afterwards, I'm always flushed with this amazing feeling of pure experience. A childlike glee that fills me with joy. It is why I keep skiing and why I'd happily spend hours hiking to the top of something and then hanging off of trees and rocks to climb down face of a cliff no sane person would think was skiable rather than just skiing down a groomed run like a normal person. Because I'm on telemark skis, I usually try not to land going too fast because then its pretty easy to catch an edge, end up with one leg behind you in the air as you hurtle headfirst towards the trees and blow out you knee or worse. So in the interest of not going too fast, I decided to hip check on my landing – If you watch pro skiers when they jump of really huge cliffs, they never land on their feet, they turn in the air and land on their back or side because it is a lot better to let the snow abs
Mrs Bentos often shakes me awake, gibbering and whimpering, from nightmares about spiders. I was born and brought up in a house infested with the ghastly, fast running spiders of the genus Tegenaria. To me the horrifying thing about them is that they go from stationary to 100mph with no intermediate stage ...they just go. Some of the brutes were so big that you could hear their feet pattering as they ran across the floor. The house was full of the dark, iniquitous, undisturbed places these spiders loved and the right-angled corners where they liked to build their grey sheet-webs. Often there was a pipe or a piece of peeling wallpaper behind which they lurked with their two pairs of forward-pointing legs poking out. Individual spiders live on in my memory. My bed was up against the wall in a corner of the room and as I lay awake reading one night I saw a movement at the periphery of my vision. Inches from my face a large spider had ventured up over the the corner of my mattress, in the angle of the wall. No 100-metre sprinter ever made a cleaner getaway, but the spider had vanished. Was it hiding in the folds of the sheets? Very carefully ...I always feared that a spider might run up my arm... I stripped off the bedding and pulled the bed out from the wall, but there was no sign of it. Not knowing was the worst part and it was a week before I could sleep easily. On another occasion, when I was a teenager, a spider ran across my chest as I sat up in bed watching television. It is true, I think, that you are fascinated by what you fear. I looked up the entry on Spiders in my set of encyclopaedias and in the years since have even bought books about them. As you see, I sometimes photographed them. I disliked harming them and usually tried to trap them in a tumbler and take them outside. Some examples of the species Tegenaria parietina, I read, with a shiver of horripilation, reached a leg-span of 5 inches. In Britain they were found only in south-east and central southern England. Again it was not knowing; did this include Bristol? In my mother's old age the house was sold and it fell to me to handle the sale. I cleared the house of furniture. There they still were. The house had not been lived in for six months and they had taken over. One immense spider was sitting boldly, legs outstretched, in a web it had constructed over the corner of the kitchen sink. I don't know how long spiders live, but let's say two years. The house was 150 years old ...that's 75 generations of spiders. Had the house evolved its own race of super-spiders in that time? Certainly I have never encountered such whoppers anywhere else. Small, or large slow-moving spiders don't bother me. Tarantulas have more the character of small furry animals than creepy-crawlies. The heavy-bodied garden spiders that spin orb-webs in the autumn are positively attractive. It's just Tegenaria domestica, with its bulbous fawn-coloured body and gangly lightning-quick legs that still, at the threshold of old age, has the power to give me the horrors. Photograph taken Monday 6th May 1974.

how to clean a house fast
how to clean a house fast
Clean It Fast, Clean It Right: The Ultimate Guide to Making Absolutely Everything You Own Sparkle & Shine
This book does for cleaning what Joy of Cooking did for food preparation. More than 250 experts tell you precisely how to clean more than 300 common items in and around your home. Not only will you get your carpets, countertops, windows, dishes, and laundry into pristine shape, you'll also learn how to clean:

CAMERAS from the dean of the New York Institute of Photography

DOLLS from a co-owner of the Denver Doll Hospital

FISHING GEAR from TV's Mark Sosin, host of Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal

SHOES from the editor of Shoe Service Magazine

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS from top musicians for the New York Philharmonic

BICYCLES from the technical editor for Bicycling magazine

PAINTINGS from a conservator at the Guggenheim Museum

FLOORS from the clean-up crew for the Los Angeles Lakers

EVEN TAXIDERMY from Roy Rogers Jr., who cares for that famous steed Trigger

AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU OWN! from world authorities on fast and effective cleaning

What's more, you'll learn how to: Cut your cleaning time in half with secret shortcuts. Kill millions of germs you never knew were lurking. Conquer clutter. Protect your valuables from aging. Relieve allergies. And make powerful, Earth-friendly cleaning solutions that cost only pennies. A special bonus section tells you everything you need to know about buying and using more than 60 kinds of cleaning tools and chemicals.

Keep Clean It Fast, Clean It Right on an easy-access shelf in your home-- because you'll consult it frequently for decades to come!

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