Happy Home Cleaning

happy home cleaning
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
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  • provide with, or send to, a home
happy home cleaning - Jerry Baker's
Jerry Baker's Supermarket Super Products!: 2,568 Super Solutions, Terrific Tips & Remarkable Recipes for Great Health, a Happy Home, and a Beautiful Garden (Jerry Baker's Good Home series)
Jerry Baker's Supermarket Super Products!: 2,568 Super Solutions, Terrific Tips & Remarkable Recipes for Great Health, a Happy Home, and a Beautiful Garden (Jerry Baker's Good Home series)
What do antacids, baby shampoo, and vodka have in common? They are all super powerful, money-saving solutions described in this home-improvement guide to solving common health, home, and garden problems with products found on any supermarket's shelves. Aside from their traditional usage, these and other well-known supermarket products have secret lives as health and beauty aids, household cleaners, stain removers, and bug killers. Readers will learn how to heal a headache with a lime, unclog a drain with antacids, remove grease stains with mayonnaise, and extinguish garden pests with vegetable oil, along with discovering the secret power of such supermarket staples as buttermilk, coffee, cucumbers, honey, oatmeal, tea, and wax paper. Conveniently organized by shopping item, from aluminum foil to vegetable oil, this book has aisle after aisle of supermarket shopping tips and includes features such as "Remarkable Recipes," "Trash to Treasure," and "Jerry's Fun Facts."

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A Clean House
A Clean House
And I didn't have to do the work. The girls just left and the house smells fresh and sparkles. I am GRATEFUL that we are able to hire a service to clean our home. When we were a DINK family - I did my own cleaning. But now that I'm a SAHM - I have someone do it for me. Isn't that crazy? Back then, it was just the two of us, we were never home, had a small house, traveled a lot, ate out and didn't mess things up as much. Now we have a busy daughter and a bigger house, life just seems to be a lot less tidy. I am thankful for the help. I worked hard and saved my money for many years to be able to afford these luxuries so I don't feel guilty (well maybe just a bit). During job transition times, we've done without, and it certainly makes me more appreciative when I'm able to hire them back.
Cleaner With Water
Cleaner With Water
Gorgeous Home Cleaning Lady Wearing Red Head Scarf Pours Drops Of Water Onto Her Hand In A Splash Of Motion And Movement While Cleaning And Tidying A House

happy home cleaning
happy home cleaning
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