Cleaning Wisdom Teeth

cleaning wisdom teeth
    wisdom teeth
  • A wisdom tooth is in humans any of the usually four third molars, including mandibular third molar and maxillary third molar. Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25.
  • Each of the four hindmost molars in humans, which usually appear at about the age of twenty
  • The third set of molars, the last teeth to come in. For many people, wisdom teeth become impacted and must be removed by oral surgery.
  • Third (last) molars that usually erupt at age 18-25 (when "wisdom is attained")
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Wisdom Tooth Jewelry
Wisdom Tooth Jewelry
It's the point in every young adult's life when they reach the 'age of wisdom'. And how are we greeted by it? A trip to oral surgeon's, of course! My wisdom teeth were in pretty decent shape. Some dentists might have said I wouldn't be needing to get them removed at all. But just in case, we went ahead with the procedure and this is the final result. I was actually up and running by day three after the surgery, and I had the stitches removed this afternoon. I wore the earrings into the dentist's office, and, as you might imagine, she got a real kick out it. So much so that she took photos to post on her website! Teeth were cleaned and set with sterling silver. I cannot wait to wear these to the Festival of the Arts tomorrow. COME SEE ME! I'll be around the main lawn tomorrow morning checking out the other artist's wares! © All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use of this image is illegal and strictly prohibited. If you wish to use this image, you are required by law to contact me for permission first:
I never knew growing wisdom teeth could be so painful. An infection has entered the gum around the tooth, and it keeps recurring. The dentist says I shouldn't have any out, as it is coming through. I just hope that's sooner than later! 18th August 2007: Just to say, that a mixture of warm-to-hot water and applied salt does wonders for the affected area. 1st June 2008: Also should point out,he doctor took an x-ray on the mouth 6 months ago, found out the tooth became hollow inside due to bacteria entering a gum flap where food entered, which was impossible to clean. The operation in February only took 5 minutes, because it was hollow the tooth fell apart when it was extracted (not that I recommend you leave it that late to remove). The waiting was the worst bit, initially felt a bit weird around the area where the tooth was. Should have had the op sooner, save myself from rinsing every day!

cleaning wisdom teeth
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