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Can I Hand Wash Dry Clean Only

can i hand wash dry clean only
    hand wash
  • (Hand Washing) Always wash your hands, before making or eating any food. Use warm water and soap. Rinse under running water, rubbing your hands together. Dry with a clean fresh towel. Anyone who cooks, should do hand washing to prevent the spread of germs and disease.
  • handwash: wash or launder by hand instead of with a machine; "This delicate sweater must be handwashed"
  • Hand washing for hand hygiene is the act of cleansing the hands with or without the use of water or another liquid, or with the use of soap, for the purpose of removing soil, dirt, and/or microorganisms.
    dry clean
  • clean with chemical agents
  • Dry cleaning (or dry-cleaning) is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water. The solvent used is typically tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), abbreviated "perc" in the industry and "dry-cleaning fluid" by the public.
  • Taking actions to determine whether or not you are under surveillance.
  • Clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water
    can i
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can i hand wash dry clean only - Jergens Extra
Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash, Cherry Almond Scent , 7.5 fl oz (221 ml)
Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash, Cherry Almond Scent , 7.5 fl oz (221 ml)
Cleans completely: This rich, creamy formula creates lots of soft lather to clean thoroughly, removing dirt and germs. Gentle On Skin: Jergens skin care products have been trusted for generations. Enriched with real Jergens lotion, this pH-balanced formula will leave your skin feeling clean and soft. Smells Great: The classic Jergens cherry-almond fragrance is almost as well known as the Jergens name itself. Enjoy this clean, soft fragrance every time you wash your hands! Look for Jergens Hand Wash in economical refill sizes, too. Made in USA.

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A Hard Day Can Be Tiring...
A Hard Day Can Be Tiring...
...But At Least I Have You Resting Next To Me... The 3rd sequel of Clawd X Roxxi. This was suppose to be uploaded yesterday but what can you do when you are sick because of the season? But I'm getting all better with staying home, medicine, and spicy soup ^_^ The rain stopped but drizzled little raindrops down on the ground. Clawd and Roxxi noticed about it. "Come on, It seems that I ran too fast and your home is far from here, right?," Clawd said. "Um, Yeah." studdered Roxxi. "Then I guess I can only do one thing, Take you to my home for the night" That line made Roxxi completely blushed a deep color. "Um, Are you sure?" "I'm sure, besides, it's going to get darker later and I don't want you to go home alone." Without fighting, Roxxi agreed to go with Clawd to his home. It was still daylight when they arrived at his house. Roxxi was amazed at how nice Clawd's house was. "Hey, you coming?" Waking up from her dazed, "huh, oh I'm coming" At his doorstep, Clawd took a key out and opened the door. It wasn't much inside but a simple living room, kitchen, stairs was all it needed. Taking their shoes off, Roxxi was dazzled at how nice it was inside and even walked around to explore his home. "Hey, I'm gonna be working on homework, will you be alright being downstairs? You can watch some TV and I'll call when I'm finished, okay?" "Uh, Okay" Roxxi said. After Clawd went to work on his homework, Roxxi grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV. Sitting down on the couch, Roxxi didn't pay much attention on the tv but was thinking heavily how Clawd offered to take Roxxi home with him. Replaying this thought was making her tired. Too fatigue to watch the show on TV, Roxxi went to sleep on the soft couch. Roxxi felt a soft shake on her shoulders. "Hey kid, Wake up." Stirring up, Roxxi looked around with grazed eyes. Wiping her eyes, She stirred up and said. "What happened, what time is it?" "It's around 7, I'm finished with homework and it's dinnertime," Clawd said. "Oh Is it okay if I make dinner tonight? I want to try this recipe that me,my sister, and my mom made when we were kids." "Sure go ahead, Let me lead you to the kitchen." Carrying Roxxi to her feet, Roxxi began walking with the help of Clawd to the kitchen. Roxxi began searching the kitchen for ingredients. Finding everything she needed, She began working on the dinner while Clawd sat at the dinner table watching Roxxi work on the dinner for both of them. An hour past and Clawd was starving. "Um kid, When's the food gonna be ready?" "Almost finished." After 15 minutes have past, Roxxi walked out of the kitchen with two plates of something that left Clawd wondering. Setting the food, Clawd's mouth began to get watery and was wondering what the food was. "It's curry bread. It's very delicious. I loved it when my mom, sister, and I made it when we were younger." Picking one of the bread up, Clawd took a bite. Slowly chewing it, His eyes began to sparkle. It was pitch quiet til he shout, "THIS IS DELICIOUS!, OH GOD, IS THERE MORE?" "Yes, I made extras, They were delicious on my first try too!" Giggled Roxxi. And the two happily enjoyed their dinner. After dinner, Clawd cleaned the dishes while Roxxi was watching TV. Finished with the dishes, Clawd plopped on the couch, exhausted. "Gosh, Never knew this day made me extremely tired." Looking at the clock, Clawd said, "Well, I'm gonna wash up and then hit the sheets," Yawned Clawd."What? You're tired already?" Roxxi said with an rised eyebrow. "Of course, You can stay up if you want." "Um, actually, I'm tired too", Fakily yawned Roxxi. When they were upstairs, Roxxi had wide eyes when she walked into Clawd's bedroom. One king sized bed, shelves of books, and a whole room that was completely white. But all that was forgotten when Clawd took his shirt...Right in front of Roxxi! Blushing madly, Roxxi hid her face. Laughing, Clawd patted her head and said, "You can read some of the books on the shelves. Then you can shower when I'm done, Kay?" "Uh, Uh, Um, Sure." studdered Roxxi. After Clawd's shower, Clawd walked out with no shirt on and drying his hair. "There, the bathrooms all yours." Walking quickly and hiding her face, Roxxi walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Sighing, She began to take her clothes off and step into the showers. After the showers, Roxxi walked out with her original clothes, No shoes, vest, leggings on and saw Clawd on the bed with no shirt on, resting and looking at the ceiling . Noticing her approach, Clawd moved over on the bed. Wait, Am I...No way....I'm going to be sleeping.....ON THE SAME BED WITH HIM?!?!?!?! That thought kept running all over Roxxi's head. "Oi kid, You tired or not?," Clawd quietly
22*365: "What if water isn't clean?"
22*365: "What if water isn't clean?"
For ToTW: literary genius This is inspired by Devil in the Details, one of my favorite books. It's a memoir about a girl with scrupulosity, which is a more specific, less common version of OCD that, while encompassing the basics of OCD, also manifests itself in a obsessive-compulsive form of religious fanaticism. Jennifer Traig, the author, manages to make this subject hilarious despite the hardships she endured because of it. The memoir is accessibly vulnerable, amazingly funny, and totally fascinating. I'm going to post an except from the book. This is the excerpt that inspired this picture and it's really, really funny. I know it's long but trust me, it's worth the read. "INTERSTITUAL: A GUIDE TO PROPER HAND-WASHING TECHNIQUE Did you know that your hands are loaded with bacteria and other contaminants? They're filthy! They spread disease! Oh, it's just awful. And it's not scientifically possible to sterilize your hands. You can, however, get them really, really clean. Here's how! 1. First, you need to get some water going. We want it hot, hot, hot! The hot water tap is contaminated, but that's okay because you're about to wash. Touch it again, just to show how brave you are. Touch it one more time. Three taps wards off bad things. Now we're ready to wash! 2. Next, choose your poison. What kind of soap is for you? Bar soap is out; other people have probably used it (a possibility too horrible to contemplate), and even if it's unopened it's made from animal fats, which is revolting. The whole thing just seems so dirty. Liquid soap it is! Choose an antibacterial formula if you're worried about contamination from germs. If you're worried about contamination from death, choose dishwashing liquid. It' so death-free it's safe to use on plates and flatware! But only if it's BRAND-NEW. Even then, you never know. Okay, let's skip the soap altogether. Plain water will be fine. 3. Rub your hands together vigorously and scrub, scrub, scrub. The Centers for Disease Control recommend you wash your hands for ten seconds, but what do they know? If they're such geniuses, why do people still get hepatitis? A full minute minimum. How about this: you keep your hands under the faucet until you answer the philosophical question "Is water clean?" 4. I don't know if water is clean. What if water isn't clean? What if water just makes you dirtier? 5. You'll wash and wash and wash but you'll never be safe. 6. Okay, try not to think about it. Let's just say water is clean and move on. 7. But what if it's not clean? 8. We're moving on. This next part is tricky. Your hands are clean--but they're wet. How to get them dry without getting them dirty again? The air-dry technique is best. Sure, it's slow, but it's safe. Simply hold your hands in the air until they're completely dry. Be sure not to touch anything! If you touch something, or if for some reason you think you maybe touched something, go back to Step 1. Yes, let's go back to Step 1 just to be safe. 9. Now we're in a hurry. You're going to have to dry your hands with paper napkins. That's fine. Just make sure it's a new package. Did you touch the part of the package that was sealed with glue? Is that glue? Glue is dirty. Wash again, just to be safe, then dry your hands on a napkin that absolutely for sure didn't touch the glue. 10. Use a napkin to turn off the tap and another napkin to open the door on the way out. Some people won't even touch the door with a napkin; they'll just wait until somebody comes to open the door for them. But they're crazy!" (Jennifer Traig, Devil in the Details, 21-22)

can i hand wash dry clean only
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