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"It's always more fun while you're riding a Blonde"

The Amazon Blonde 36er is the definition of fun and guarantees an ear to ear grin as soon as you throw a leg over it and begin to pedal.










This full carbon road machine came in at a feathery 15.5 lbs.  More carbon road frames will be availible soon.









A giant road frame with a tribal paint design. 








This bike is nothing short of amazing.  Built for a former professional female who expects nothing but the best.  Bike weight with out pedals is a mere 13.5 pounds.










This cyclocross bike was bred to be a pure racing machine and has also become one of my favorite bikes to ride.










The commuter was the begining of my bike building at home.  A friend and I bought a tube and lug set that was on sale at a bike frame supply site and the rest was history.








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Amazon Blonde 36er

Carbon Road