Parental Consent

2/18/2009    (revised 6/15/09 for Digital Drawing Class)

Frm:  Alex Hamil – Continuing Education Instructor/KCAI

To: Parents of students in ‘Animation’, ‘Design’ and ‘Portfolio Preparation’ classes

RE: Statement for submission to ‘blog’ and create a ‘website’ (through


Dear parents and/or guardians,

My name is Alex Hamil and I am a Continuing Education instructor at KCAI, where I’ve served in this capacity for the last three years, working with (mostly) high school students in Portfolio Preparation (for a 4-year BFA application), Animation, Life Drawing and Design.  I am encouraging your understanding that education is changing and it is my goal to bring both you and your student(s) an awareness of these monumental developments along with the basic instruction that you agreed to in the first place.

First, thank you for allowing your student the opportunity to enhance their education beyond their high school classroom.  Not only will this experience add to their current understanding (vocabulary and exercises), but will additionally provide them with an understanding of the potentials that exist in their overall educational development plan.  This will serve them well in their understanding and decision making for future educational endeavors, should this include a four-year (bachelors) or two-year (associates) degree or certification in a potential career beyond high school.

Consider this your invitation to sit in on these classes (however, only with the additional permission of your student) and feel free to additionally participate in the in-class dialogue and exchange of information that we cover both off and on-line. 

This letter is to encourage your cooperation – and additionally, by agreeing, you are indicating a willingness to allow your student ‘access’ to share information via the Internet as part of my current mode of instruction – aka ‘blogging’ and web development.

Agreeing to this form (format for the class), you are ‘aware’ that you will potentially work with your student to maintain a certain ‘level’ of privacy while at home.  It is my goal to maintain a similar discretion in the classroom as well and, therefore any misuse of this information will require a ‘sit-down’ session with you, your student and myself. 

We are exploring the benefits of online learning through  In this effort we are going to utilize the Internet to develop current understandings and develop a process for ‘sharing’ this knowledge with others (via the Internet).  I plan on having the students research (Google search engine), ‘blog’ their research through ‘’ (run by Google) and ultimately posting their work through an online Google website portal a culminating project will include uploading their work to 

I ensure that all personal information will be monitored and privacy maintained as students progress through this class and, if you would rather NOT have them develop an online presence (a Gmail/Google account), I have been required to remove a previously set up a general account that students can use to generate this information.  So please consent to your student setting up their account through the aforementioned link