Pistachio and Lemon Cream Macarons

Recipe from What's For Lunch, Honey?   


For the pistachio macaron shells

90g egg white (approx. 4 eggs), aged for a little over 24 hours on the countertop
30g fine granulated sugar
200g icing sugar
55g almonds
55g pistachios
few drops of green food coloring to make the green pop a bit more

For the lemon cream cheese filling

225g cream cheese
2-3 tablespoons butter, softened
60g lemon curd recipe


For the pistachio macaron shells

  1. Prepare your baking tray and baking sheets with a stencil of circles as described above.

  2. In a large mixing bowl mix the egg whites with an electric hand beater (alternatively you can use a stand mixer with the whisk attachment) until it is thick and frothy. Gradually add the sugar, whisking all the while, until the mixture turns into a thick glossy meringue. The consistency should be similar to hair mousse or shaving foam. Make sure the the meringue is not overbeaten or else it will be too dry.

  3. In a food processor pulse together icing sugar, almonds and pistachios until the nuts are finely ground and powdery. Sift the mixture to make sure there are not lumps.

  4. Place the dry ingredients into a bowl, then add a few drops of the green food coloring. Add the meringue and give it a quick fold using the macronnage technique described above. Fold a few times to break the air. Continue until you get a smooth and supple mixture, thick in consistency so that when you lift the spatula in flows back in thick ribbons. Test a small amount on a plate – should the tops fall back and flatten by themselves then it is ready, if not give it a few more folds. 

  5. Fill a piping bag with a plain tip with the batter and pipe small rounds (3.5 cm in diameter) on your prepared baking paper. Leave the macarons to rest and dry for about 45 minutes.

  6. In the meantime preheat the the oven to 140 degrees C. When the macarons are ready bake the shells for 15-20 minutes depending on their size. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Use a flat offset spatula to gently remove the shells from the baking paper and allow to cool further on a rack. 

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Storing Macarons

If you are not going to be using them right away you can store the shells in an airtight container at room temperature for 2-3 days.

They freeze well too but it is recommended to freeze them unfilled. To fill them take the shells out of the freezer 48 hours prior to serving and without defrosting fill them. This way the flavors will be allowed to blend as they thaw.

For the lemon cream cheese filling

  1. In a bowl beat all of the ingredients at medium speed until thick and creamy. Chill for two to three hours.´

Assembling the macarons

Fill the lemon cream in a plain tipped piping bag and pipe small dollops the size of small macadamia nuts on one of the shells then gently cover with another. Do not press. Continue to do this until you have used up all of the filling and shells.

And finally …

How to eat a macaron

Do not dare to pop the whole macaron in your mouth. These babies are meant to be savored slowly and appreciated with every bite. Take a macaron and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Please take time to notice the “feet”. Take your first small bite – notice the crunch followed by the chewy and moist almost cake-like interior. Now take the last bite and sit back and savor these little pillows of delight.