Persimmon Honey Nut Yogurt Verrines

Recipe from What's For Lunch, Honey?


500 - 600 g thick creamy yogurt
6-8 tablespoons acacia honey
2 ripe persimmons - cut into bite sized pieces
Juice from 1/2 a lime
75 g unsalted pistachios - coarsely chopped


Whisk in the honey with the yogurt, then cool in the refrigerator.

In a bowl mix the lime juice with the persimmon fruit pieces.

In verrine glasses or bowls layer the fruit then the yogurt alternatively. End with yogurt, then sprinkle with some cinnamon and cover with the chopped pistachios.

Chill for a few hours. Before serving you can add a dash of honey on top of the nuts as this gives the dessert a wonderful glossy coating.