Mirabelle Silver Edge Lavender Preserve

Recipe from What's For Lunch, Honey?  

(makes 5 200 ml jars)

1 kg mirabelles (or yellow plums), cut in half, pits removed then quartered
2-4 sprigs silver edge lavender, tied tightly into a bouquet garni
500g gelling sugar (I used Dr. Oetker's Extra Gelling Sugar 2:1)


Place the mirabelles in a large pot. Put the lavender bouquet garni into the pot and cover with the sugar. Stir well to coat the fruit with the sugar and to release the juices.

Bring the mixture to a boil under constant stirring. Now start timing and keep the mixture at a boil for a good 3 minutes, constantly stirring and crushing the fruit gently. Remove the bouquet garni and discard.

Check to see if the mixture gels using the saucer test mentioned above. If not keep at a boil for another minute and then check again. Skim off any foam.

Fill the jam in sterilized jars (as mentioned above), 3 mm space at the top of the jar, turn upside down and leave for 5 minutes. Then store in your pantry.