Lime Brûlée

Recipe from What's For Lunch, Honey?  


50 ml fresh milk
300g heavy whipping cream
Zest of 2-3 organic limes
100g + 40g fine brown sugar
4 egg yolks


In a saucepan bring the milk, cream and lime zest to a boil. Remove from heat and allow to steep for about 20-30 minutes.

Whisk together the egg yolks with 100g fine brown sugar. Add a few tablespoons of the warm cream mixture to temper the eggs, whisking all along. Once the eggs have warmed to the same temperature, pour the cream mixture in a stead stream into the eggs. Set aside.

Heat the oven to 150 degrees C. Prepare your ramekin or crème brûlée forms by placing them in a larger ovenproof dish. Bring a tea kettle filled with water to a boil and pour into the ovenproof dish so that the water level just reaches about 3/4 of the forms.

You can either pour the cream-egg mixture straight into the forms with the lime zest or strain the liquid beforehand. This depends on your own personal taste. I prefer straining the liquid for extra smoothness. 

Place the entire dish into the oven and bake for approx. 45 minutes. Take out and place in the refrigerator overnight. The overnight resting period was highly recommended by the pastry chef. I agree completely as I too learned that one achieves better results with the crème brûlée when it has had a resting period in the fridge.

Shortly before serving sprinkle 40g brown sugar over the cream and using a gas torch caramelize the sugar. If you do not have a gas torch then heat the grill of your oven and place the forms as close to the hot wires as you can. Keep a close eye on them and take them out as soon as the sugar melts and begins to caramelize. I recommend the gas torch and it gives the best results. Crème brûlées are served cold and by placing them in the oven causes the cream to heat up again.

Allow the sugar to turn hard and serve.

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