How to Freshwater Lobster Aquaculture

Before entering the description of Lobster Aquaculture needs to know the behavior of Freshwater Lobster (LAT) is quite interesting observable is the time of the marriage until the advent of His activity The initial stage is carried out by each parent are: -Looking for partner (in this case the parent is usually very collective in finding a partner / lobster boy} flirtation between couples-Doing       -Doing marriage                 




Parent females lay eggs-  Seeding Method (Hatchery) Freshwater Lobster 


At this stage of breeding freshwater crayfish, there are at least five important factors to be taken to ensure that the nursery can be run successfully.

Among the five factors that are breeders that you use, you use water quality, temperature or water temperature, feed you give, shelter and the removal of the parent that are laying into the incubation medium.

   1. broodstock 

      Lobster that will be used as sires in the process of seeding freshwater crayfish have been through the stages of broodstock selection for seed quality resulting in the end are the seeds that really - really good quality, in terms of having a fast growth rate and healthy. To obtain good quality breeders, farmers can get it from a nursing mother or get it by breeding candidates through its own enlargement process.


      Some water chemistry parameters that must be considered is the pH, DO, DH, Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Routine and periodic monitoring of each - each water chemistry parameters is very important to do. Water quality can be maintained by using a variety of ways, including a water recirculation system or a system Regulation water.


      The best water temperature for this phase of nursery is 24-29 degrees Celsius. As for some of the ways that can be taken to make the temperature is always stable 
between figure is by selecting container of maintenance that has the ability to maintain the temperature, place the container away from sunlight maintenance or by using the tools in the form of heater.

    4. FEED 

      Shrimp pellets with protein content of 28-30% can be used as feed. During the period of seedlings, commonly used pellet size is the size of D 0 - D 2. Grant of excessive feed waste should be avoided because it could aggravate the quality of feed water at the end of the day could endanger the survival of lobster.


      There are many things that can be used as a shelter during this nursery. For example: a series of pieces of plastic gutter pipe plants, fruit baskets, palm fiber and waring. Each - each has its own level of effectiveness - his own. The thing to consider is the amount due at this time shelter nature of cannibalism that is in small lobsters already emerged. Shelter arrangements should also be noted that not container maintenance make to area becomes cramped and does not interfere with water circulation.

   6. CHANGE OF PARENT'S laying 

      Female parent is carrying the normal eggs need a quieter place. Features - features that are laying the parent is a lot of silence and tail are folded tightly and closely because it protects the eggs. The master is in this condition should be immediately transferred to the special care incubation medium. The transfer must be done with extreme care - care to avoid broke down eggs caused by the parent. Checking on the presence or otherwise of the parent who is laying done 2 weeks after the spawning occurs.

    ( hatching )  

Prepare the media is quite extensive and a lot of shelter. rope and waring very good at using. first soak the rope and waring for a day to counteract the side effects.

Enter the ropes and waring randomly, placed the rope back and forth lengthwise from end to end outdoor locations such as stone weights to the rope does not float entirely. do not forget to also install Aerator

Sires that have been incubate for approximately 30 days, it can be transferred to the hatching medium, ie move the same way with shelter.

Estimated number of eggs depends on the size of the parent, about 200-300 grains for sized 4 ". Eggs will have hatched into a seedling / baby lobster measuring 4-5 mm. Not all eggs will hatch simultaneously need at least 3-5 days longer for eggs they hatch into baby lobster. If there is no more eggs are attached to the body of its mother, was able to on the move and in quarantine since most breeders will be moulting.

    ( enlargement SEED ) feeding to baby lobster quite easily, can use the pellets are crushed or give egg yolk that has been boiled. equitably provide for optimum give a little but often every day. note also the quality of water, 50% water change every week . 

After a month of doing the sorting measure because all the seeds grow unevenly. purpose of this sort that the seeds grow evenly in each size for each food competition. It takes between 70-100 days to reach the size of 5cm, the thing to remember is that in each hatching there are slow-growing seed about 10-25% and the level of SR / survival rate is around 50-80%.

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