Crafts From Bamboo

The abundant supply of bamboo trees in Indonesia turned out to be used as a new business opportunity that is promising. If during the public at large just using bamboo as a building material, bamboo can now be transformed into a variety of beautiful handicrafts with high economic value. For example, such as various household appliances ranging from cutlery, tambir, place paper towels, place the fruit, decorative lamps, picture frames, as well as several other indoor decoration. 
Although initially only interested in bamboo craft communities in rural areas, but along with the burgeoning issue of global warming on world community, now many people are interested in using environmentally friendly products for their daily lives. So do not be surprised if the market demand is now growing bamboo craft soared even reach not only the big cities, but also to penetrate foreign markets. Consumers target market that you can aim at, among others, domestic consumers are usually

dominated by the mothers who are looking for appliances and home furnishings, the general public interested in the unique decoration of bamboo (such as picture frames, miniature bamboo houses, etc.), as well as hotels, restaurants or cafes that require all-bamboo furniture to beautify the appearance of the place his business. Business Info Today bamboo craftsmen not only produce various handicrafts to decorate the room, they began to create new innovations bamboo craft a more functional. Call it the Great Gate craft business group in Blitar, East Java, which began to create a set of cutlery from bamboo (consisting of a bamboo tray, bamboo cups, and bowls and spoons from coconut shell).There was also Jatnika of Cibinong, Bogor who have successfully crossed the globe thanks to Saung and bamboo house creations, even today Jatnika been flooded with orders from abroad, such as from Malaysia, Jeddah, and Saudi Arabia. Very promising is not it? For those of you who are interested to pursue the business of bamboo craft, following our simple ways that can inform your practice immediately to make bamboo crafts of decorative lights.

How to make crafts decorative lamps of bamboo


- Bamboo diameter of 10 cm 
- Light 5 watts 
- enough cable 
- Paint or varnish 
- Cat poxy clear 
- Cement 
- Sand. How to make:

  1. First of all choose a bamboo that is quite dry, with a diameter of about 10 cm. Then cut the bamboo with a length of approximately 1.5 meters.
  2. To smooth the surface of the bamboo, sanding the entire surface and add paint or plitur to the bamboo surface becomes smooth and shiny. Wait until the liquid plitur or paint to dry completely.
  3. The third step is to choose any of the steps that will be used as decorative lamp holder, make sure the segment base remains intact while the other segment partially sawed.
  4. When segments of bamboo has been sawed off, then do the sanding to make it look neat and clean from bamboo powder.
  5. Add a hole in the middle of the bamboo to the cable.
  6. To make the base, use of cement and printed using a small bucket with cement thickness between 70-10 cm.
  7. To add to the beauty of ornamental lights, you can add the bamboo carvings. Once everything is finished, do the painting process using paint poxy clear that the shiny bamboo.
  8. Finally, complete with cables and lights. Decorative lights from bamboo craft ready for the market.

Business Advantages

In addition to its market demand is still wide open, running bamboo handicraft business opportunities spelled out very profitable for the perpetrators. The abundance of natural potential of bamboo in Indonesia indirectly provide huge profits for the craftsmen, because the selling price of bamboo in the market is still very low, even today there are some producers who have cultivated bamboo in his yard. So that we can be sure the required capital can also be suppressed.
The advantage of both, producing various handicrafts including bamboo one of the business opportunities that are environmentally friendly. Waste is not disposed of bamboo which have a negative impact on the surrounding environment so as not to trigger the existence of global warming . This certainly gives a distinct advantage for the craftsmen, because widespread appeal of anti global warming on the world community indirectly affect the interests of consumers. Now they are more interested in using products that are environmentally friendly and of course take advantage of the natural potential. Disadvantages Business to business constraints currently faced by the craftsmen of bamboo that is the difficulty of finding bamboo really good quality, both in terms of size and the type of bamboo is required. In addition, the craftsmen also still struggling to prevent the growth of mold or termite infestation which can damage the bamboo handicraft products (usually pest and disease attack the bamboo that he was already long enough). For this reason, it takes kerajasama with bamboo suppliers for raw materials inventory you can always be maintained. Meanwhile, to prevent pests and disease in bamboo craft, you can include how to care and maintenance on every product you sell crafts. So, consumers do not need to hesitate anymore to buy the products you offer.

Marketing Strategy

To market bamboo craft products, you can take advantage of Internet technology in order to reach a wider market opportunities. Through blogs, websites, or social networking sites, you can inform your artificial products to the wider community, both domestically and abroad. Through the internet, now you no longer need to worry about the limits of marketing your product. Problems of distance and time can be helped by the presence of online marketing is even easier for you to reach consumers for 24 hours non-stop in different parts of the continent. 
other marketing strategies that you may run the create product differentiation to win the market competition. This strategy can you do with a way to improve the quality of your products or create innovative product design that has never existed before. That way, you have a value-added products that are not owned by your competitors, so that the door of opportunity to win the market competition is more wide open. After discussing the opportunity with Indonesia bamboo handicraft business world market demand , now it's time we stepped to follow the success of Cibinong Jatnika, Bogor and the Great Gate of business groups, in Blitar, East Java in running bamboo-based craft business. Hopefully this information can be useful to readers and become one of the business idea for beginners who are interested to pursue a friendly business environment. Starting from a small, ranging from the simple, from now on.