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Viber, Tango, WhatsApp: Smartphone Application to Telephone Free

posted Jan 12, 2012, 2:56 AM by anmar maret   [ updated Jan 17, 2012, 8:53 PM ]

Developers are building applications aimed at broadening communication of millions of users. The Mobile applications aimed at broadening communication of the users put in the background to the traditional telephone calls.With the rapid adoption of smart phones with broadband and 3G in the world,

Some examples are: WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Tango, PingChat!, Fring, MSN, AIM, BeejiveIM, Facebook Chat and Google Talk.The interesting thing about these programs, which could modify the phones of tomorrow-perhaps already are, is that weight is not paid extra for use on telephone rates, however, most of them works only if you have a data plan.

The question: Can one day be eliminated traditional phone bills? Marketing Director said that users need to talk and stay connected all the time, so it is difficult to determine a cost avoidance, “although in future it could happen, for what we would see what kind of measures be taken”. Considers it a reality the potential of free messaging apps, which does not represent a threat to the operator.

“From the point of view of business is important to have these new platforms, especially as we sell data plans. To use these services, most require a plan on your cell phone, so I do not see it as a risk, rather we are concerned that the user is with us and have all the services required. ”

The one fact has been noticed in the company, he says, is that every day unless the users use SMS messaging service, due to applications such as WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger or Facebook chat. “This situation is favorable because there is a saving (…). The issue is that to the extent that the phones are more innovative and have more applications, requires activation of data. ”

Are young people who use more of these platforms, so that the voice becomes less important as communication address, said the representative of the company. In this sense, you can talk about a new form of interaction for the development of applications focused on communication? And is that the attractiveness of these tools is that they offer the possibility to make calls, send instant messages, send video and photo files, and more.

An analyst in Latin America, states that the future of communication is in the “socialization of content,” ie, sharing information through social networks. In the same way as in the past it was important that the cell count with a camera in the future will be essential to record video in high definition, and can be shared through social networks.

The apps have a very interesting future, are a new way to consume content, “will begin to see increased application usage of newspapers, magazines, e-books and radio programs; also be the option to customize the screen our smartphone content we consume more frequently, “he explains.

As the speed of data transmission, says it is optimal in large cities, as mobile operators have invested heavily in infrastructure to strengthen networks, particularly 3G. Between this year and next, companies will be investing in the deployment of 4G networks, he says. This will allow faster navigation and better user experience robust mobile applications such as video.

In this sense, the company’s service offering is the BlackBerry Messenger, in which the user can have unlimited messages at no cost, among other options. Thus, the tendency is to make all the necessary platform for users to be in constant communication. Remains to be seen whether operators and technology infrastructure in the country respond to 100% to meet this phenomenon.

Applications Tango Ideal for video calls and video from the iPhone anywhere in the world, although it is possible to communicate with terminal users who run with the operating system Android, Google. It can be used over 3G networks, and both a front camera as a rear camera.

The video quality is perhaps not the most optimal, but allows free video calls from anywhere, an advantage over similar services such as FaceTime, which for now works only for Wi-Fi connection.

Available for iPhone and Android Price: Free Skype software for making calls over Internet (VoIP). Its interface is very similar to other instant messaging programs such as Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, so use the Wi-Fi to connect directly, regardless of the operator, and make calls free of charge.

The latest version adds the ability to talk over video. Devices that do not have camera (IPAD), only to receive the images, while those who have it may also be sent. Furthermore, in the case of the iPhone 4, may be sent to the front camera. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Android Price: Free WhatsApp Messenger is a multiplatform messenger for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia, which uses 3G or Wi-Fi when a connection is available.

You can send and receive photos, videos, audio notes, messages and video messages. The app accesses the stored contact list and automatically detects which of them is using. Available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian Price: Free BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging service exclusively for mobile users of the brand.

Its design has chat style and no limitations on the amount of characters. Allows you to customize the status and image of the user, add people by scanning their bar codes or PINs to share, send photos, videos, voice memos and files with one or more contacts, create groups of friends, family or co-workers quickly share calendars , lists, discussions and updates, and see what they are listening to friends, and more.

Available for BlackBerry Price: Free, but only works to have a plan Viber Once SMS is activated, the program integrates with the agenda. Its appeal is that it allows free calls over the Internet to other people who also have installed on their devices, but necessarily need to have a 3G data plan.

In iPhone, whenever a contact download the application, there comes a warning message.

Available for iPhone, but this year is planned to come to Android and BlackBerry Price: Free BeejiveIM is an application similar to Windows Live, but with many more features: You can disable or delete a contact, and even customize the background of chat .

Easy to add more than one account, either Hotmail, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, among others, as well as opening several sessions at once, as it shows an organized interface. Works seamlessly with Multitask. Available for iPhone and BlackBerry.