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"Making the Most of Blogger for Beginners and Intermediate User"

Presenter Judy Arzt

Professor at University of Saint Joseph

West Hartford, CT



Presenter Background for Judy Arzt

Judy Arzt, Ph.D., teaches a variety of educational technology courses and frequently presents at education conferences. Her areas of expertise include using Google tools, blogging globally to connect classrooms, digital storytelling, using social media for professional connecting, and organizing EdCamps. She has been teaching educational technology courses for over 20 years and focuses her research and writing in the area of effective technology integration in the school setting.

Session Description: "Making the Most of Blogger for Beginners and Intermediate User"

In this hands-on session, we review basics of creating a Blogger blog, adding posts and pages, working with and changing templates, inserting sidebar gadgets, and setting moderation levels for posts. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience with Blogger, this workshop will give you time to learn basics, practice and share skills, and discover ways to make your Blogger blog a go-to place for students and parents. We will focus on ways to excite students about cross-class blogging and how to implement this strategy. Exemplary Blogger blogs created by students and teachers will be featured, and additional resources will be available on a Google website for future reference.